July 31, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 24

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 23

???? Six Days with a bad girl ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 24

Julie POV

Steve and I have been talking he had asked me to hangout with him today

I hurrily made breakfast for me and Romeo
We ate in silence after that he left for his study room I guess he has some work to do

I did the dishes and clean up the kitchen before racing upstairs to my room for a quick shower..

After bath I took out a blue plain Jean and pink top from my closet and placed it on my bed

My phone rang it was Steve I picked up immediately

????Hey Steve what’s up” i said applying lotion on my body

????am good ain’t you dressed yet ,or you know what text me your address i will come pick you up” he said

???? Okay later then” i said and hang up

I dropped the phone on the bed and applied lotion on my body properly

After putting on my clothes I applied a bit of compact powder and lip gloss

When I was sure I was good to go I opened the door only for me to bump into Romeo

Romeo’s POV

” Where you going Julie?”, I asked with a straight face

“Am hanging out with my friend and he will be here right about now” she said

What’s up with this girl is she doing all of this to get me jealous ?

The door bell rang

“Oops that’s my friend bye Romeo see you later” she said and raced down the stairs

I watched them through the window as she mingled and laughed at this fool jokes

I won’t lie I felt jealous,my heart hurts seeing them like that

So she doesn’t feel comfortable with me but there she was comfortable with another guy

Argh!!! I groaned and punched the wall

Why am I getting angry over what’s not mine

Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 23

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