July 31, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 70 and 71

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 70
Lily’s POV
I felt cold and I slowly opened my eyes. I was on the floor and the boss sat in one corner with his head buried in his hand. Tell me it’s a joke. I tried sitting up but the pain in my head couldn’t allow.
I guess the boss realised am awake.
‘I need to get out of this place,’ he said coldly.
‘Break the door or we can as well go through the window,’ I said.
‘Are you even listening to yourself, have you seen how many people are out there? I told you to leave Harry and his family out of your drama. All my men are gone, my business will have losses. I need to get out of here or I kill you. I’m not going to prison so get that into your empty skull,’ he yelled.
Ever since we became close he has never yelled at me.
‘Let me regain my strength then we find a way of getting how of here,’ I said even though I was afraid.
‘You find a way because I can’t risk fighting those men. I don’t even have my gun. You brought all this when you wanted everything to be yours. Forgetting we are all different. Everything was fine my business going well until you came. You are bad luck,’ he said coldly.
‘I’m sorry,’ I said and he laughed dryly.
‘You are sorry, are you trying to mock me. Will sorry get me out of here? I need to get out before my enemies use this to destroy me. Let me promise you, if by any chance I get destroyed because of you, then am destroy you as well. I’m destroying your life, mark my words,’ he said and I know he meant it.
I can’t stoop to low to ask Sofia for forgiveness, never.
I rested my head on the wall and gave myself time to think. I need to get out fast before this man thinks of destroying my life. After a while, I stood and went around the room. It wasn’t possible to run away. I’m now stuck with this man who can do anything to me.

Episode 71
Sofia’s POV
I was to drive home but Diana and Glenn were already there and we opted for Diana’s house.
Harry said he will call when he wants me home.
‘Don’t you think something is fishy?’ I asked after he left.
I had both the boys with me.
‘Something like what?’ Glenn asked.
”I’ll call you when I want you home’ now he calls when he wants me,’ I said and they both laughed.
‘Let’s just go and have fun in the house,’ Glenn said walking inside the house.
I walked behind them even though I feel disturbed.

Spending time with the girls was wow. Diana is married even though her husband is out for a business trip.
Glenn ever since she broke with her boyfriend doesn’t want to hear anything about me.
After about two hours Harry called and said I should go home alone.
Is he even serious? How am I supposed to leave my sons behind yet they are my handbag. I don’t feel comfortable without them.
After so much persuasions I went home but will be back for them after a while. I guess they will be awake when I come back. I hope what he is calling me for is worthy leaving my sons behind.
I drove inside the compound and everywhere was silent.
It was getting dark and the lights in the house weren’t on.
I wonder if he is even in.
I walked towards the house and when I got to the door he was leaning there.
‘Why are you outside?’ I asked turning off my torch light.
‘Come,’ he said pulling me to himself.
‘Close your eyes,’ he said.
‘Why? It’s already dark,’
‘Just do it please,’ he begged and I did it.
He walked me inside the house and switched on the lights.
He opened my eyes and everywhere was beautiful.
‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ was written on the wall.
I looked behind me and he was kneeling on one knee with a beautiful ring.

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