June 15, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 72 And 73

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 72
Sofia’s POV
Saying am happy is an understatement.
‘Yes,’ I said almost in a whisper.
He stood and hugged me as I released the tears of joy.
I can’t find exact words to express how am feeling right now.
I disengaged from the hug and walked towards the table.
The sweet aroma that was filling my nose made my stomach growl.
‘Thank you,’ I looked at him and said.
‘You deserve more,’ he said simply as I hugged him again.
‘You are crying,’ I couldn’t say if it was a statement or a question.
‘I’m just so happy,’ I said as he wiped the tears with his thumb.
Who wouldn’t be happy to get married to the man of their dreams.
I can’t love him any less.
Harry’s POV
I’m happy that she happy.
Her face was more beautiful when happy.
I can give anything to see this face everyday.
‘Have a sit,’ I said and pulled a sit for her.
‘Let me serve,’ she said but I couldn’t allow her. It’s my treat, I planned all this.
‘Just calm down. You have had a long day. Let me serve you,’ I said and she sat.
I served the food on one plate and placed it between us.
Sofia’s POV
I took a spoon full and took it near his mouth before putting in my mouth.
‘You played a prank on me,’ he said and I pout like a baby.
He took the spoon and put some food in his mouth.
‘Take it,’ he said and pointed at the food.
I stood and went to take the food but it ended up in a kiss.
It was fun, after dinner we tidied up the place and washed the dishes playing with the water.
He carried me upstairs to change because both our clothes were wet.
‘Will the kids sleep at Diana’s place?’ I asked.
‘Yeah, I had talked to Diana,’ he said.
After the shower he placed me in the bed and I rested my head on his chest.
‘When do you want the wedding to be?’ he asked.
‘Anytime, I don’t want something very big. I just need a simple and unique wedding,’ I said with a smile.
‘This weekend, will it be fine with you?’ he asked.
‘Three days from now, the planning will take time. Won’t it be too tiresome on us?’ I asked.
‘We won’t do the planning, we will assign people to do the work,’ he said stroking my hair.

Sofia’s POV
My ringing phone woke me up.
‘Can people let us sleep in peace?’ Harry asked also waking up.
‘Your brother,’ I said picking the phone and place it on loud speaker.
‘Did you by any chance dream of my wife or something?’ Harry asked pissed of.
‘She breached the contract and is back,’ he said.
‘Who? I’m not in any contract with anyone,’ I said.
‘Reid’s mom,’ he said and I sat up.
‘Which contract? I thought you two broke up,’
‘It was a lie, it was an agreement in the hospital. The doctor created a baby and placed it in her womb,’ he said.
I looked at Harry and he was as shocked as he was.
‘Bro, you are done. What will mum say?’ Harry asked.
‘I know and that’s why I need Sofia’s help,’
‘How I’m I supposed to help you?’
‘I hired an investigator to search on her and she has a connection with your cousin, Diana. I don’t want her to tell anyone. She wants to know her son and am willing to let her but please she needs to keep it a secret. She will be arriving in the airport anytime from now. I gave her details to your office,’ he said.
‘What’s her name?’ I asked.
‘Nadia, she likes blonde hair,’ he said and I hope what am imagining isn’t true.
I know one Nadia that is connected to Diana.
‘Okay, I’ll see what I can do,’ I said and hanged up.
I checked the watch and it was almost seven.
‘Morning darling,’ I greeted him.
‘Are thinking of what am thinking?’ he asked.
‘That’s it’s the same Nadia that we know?’ I asked and he nodded, ‘We will just find out in the office,’ I said and went to the bathroom.
We prepared breakfast together.
‘We pick the kids and go with them to the hospital,’ I suggested and he nodded.
As we sat in my office, my secretary informed me I had a visitor.
‘Let her in,’ I said and she left.
As the door opened I got the greatest shock of my life.
Nadia walked in, but she was slim than the last time I saw, her.
We called at the same time.

That Should Be Me. Episode 74 and Epilogue
That Should Be Me. Episode 70 and 71

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