July 31, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 74 and Epilogue

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That Should Be Me. Episode 72 And 73

Episode 74
Nadia’s POV
The world is so small. After all those years I meet Sofia again and she happens to have raised my son. I don’t plan on taking him but I just want to know him better. I can never forget my child. I needed at that time and I accepted the contract but I can’t live without him. I gave him with a part of me and I feel some emptiness.
I looked around the office and I spotted two kids sleeping. I have never seen my son but am sure if I set eyes on him I’ll recognize him.
‘I guess this world is small, who would have known we would meet again,’ Harry said snapping me from my thoughts.
‘How have you been?’ Sofia said stretching her hand.
I greeted her and she smiled.
‘So Ramon informed me you were coming,’ she said more like a statement.
‘We hope you don’t want to take him because it wasn’t part of the contract,’ Harry added.
‘No, I just want to know him. He will stay with you guys,’ I said.
‘It won’t be easy because he knows me as his mother,’ Sofia said and I understand him perfectly. She is the one he has been seeing every morning and night.
‘I won’t tell him immediately but I want to be close with him. I got an apartment around this place. Maybe he can come and spend time with me,’ I said.
‘I’m fine with it,’ Sofia said and I smiled.
‘Mummy, am hungry,’ we heard a voice from behind Sofia.
‘He’s the one,’ Sofia said simply.
She stood and brought him.
He is so handsome. She placed him on the table and turned him to face me.
‘Baby, why don’t you go with her. She will give you a lot of sausages,’ she said and a smile formed on the cute boy’s face.
I don’t need a prophet to tell me he loves sausages.
‘Roy,’ he said pointing at the sleeping boy.
‘You want to go with him?’ Sofia asked and he nodded.
‘But he’s sleeping and he met not be hungry,’ she said and his expression changed.
‘It’s fine we can go together,’ I said.
He was woken up and they almost looked alike.
Sofia’s POV
After they left Harry turned to me.
‘She has helped us hope they don’t argue there because if the two boys come together they can be a pain in the flesh. Let’s go home,’ he said.
‘She doesn’t know our house,’
‘The children know and we need to check on Lily,’ he said.
I picked my handbag and we drove to where Lily was.
We walked inside room and they had rested both there heads on the wall.
As we got in they stared at us.
‘Please sister am sorry for everything I have done to you. I was just jealous of all the good things you had. I thought they are supposed to be mine. I wanted it to be me to enjoy. I’m sorry,’ Lily said kneeling before me and there was some sincereness in her eyes.
‘I forgive you,’ I said and she stood and hugged me.

I guess I was only obsessed with having all my sister had but forgot we are never the same.
We are all different but unique in a way.
Don’t spend too much time wanting what others have. Accept yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest.
After there wedding which was a blast they went for there honeymoon. I wish them a happy marriage, they deserve it.


That Should Be Me. Episode 72 And 73

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