August 1, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 141

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He And Her V.

Written by Feathers.

Episode 141

^ Camilla ^

A day does not go by without Tucker putting a call across to me. As much as I really love that, I must say I missed him.

If not that I understand what situation that we are and how we need to play it smart, I would have forced us to see.

Wanting to see the love of your life and not being able to see him is the most painful thing that could happen to anyone in marriage.

I braced myself up and tried to play with my little baby. I like the baby cause he smiles always.

Tucker has promised me that the baby would not have a rough path like he does.

A silly mistake can be so expensive to mend. I began to play with my child the more but the more I play with him , the more the thought of Tucker fills my heart.

When I couldn’t bear it again, I stretched my hand to pick my phone. I dialed his digit and he picked it almost immediately.

I kept quiet and waited for him to speak first


‘I miss you.”


” I miss you so much, I felt like I woild die If I won’t set my eyes on you anytime soon.”

‘I surely believe we will see soon. I miss you as much as you did. I’m so sorry for what I’ve made you go through and…Camilla.” He went mute for afew seconds. ‘ Thank you for staying with me. ”

I bite my lips emotionally and my face became teary as a result of blushing.

I tried to speak but I couldn’t speak. “Tucker! ” I tried to say.

“Thanks baby.’ He said and I nodded even though I knew he wasn’t seen me nodding my head.

” So…how about Grace?”

“I’ve being able to record her confess that the child is not mine plus I have the original D.N.A result. ” I said.


“Yeah, I’ve submitted it to the lawyer and he had promised to sue her to court.”

“I’m glad. Let him do that quick and let me know what date is picked by the court.”



Grace’s POV

28 Hours Ago.

As soon as Tucker drove out of the house, I went out of the house and entered the car that I had ordered for one of my boys to bring for me.

I began to track and drive after him while keeping a safe distance from his car.

After stepping down from his car , he doesn’t look like one that suspected that someone was tracing him.

It was a very big law firm that had many lawyers that he had come to. I have no idea what particular lawyer he met with. All my efforts to locate the lawyer was all futile.

I drove back home frustrated. He must be planning to divorce me and the quicker I act , the safer and smarter I would be.

Even though Camilla is dead , I can’t just let him throw me out like I’m some piece of shit.



I was cooking for my daughter and I when I began to hear the visitor’s bell ring.

I turned my head and wondered who it could be. After wondering for few seconds , I walked to the door and I saw a man and a woman who were dressed in suit with some files in their hand.

Just as I guessed , they introduce themselves as lawyer and handed over the file in their hand to me.

“Meet you in court on the 2ND of next month , Mrs Grace.” The woman said and walked away with the man.

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