June 15, 2021

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Koean Bad Prince. Episode 10

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 10


I was taken before the king and I bowed my head. This is my first time standing before the king.

“I was informed that the prince is maltreating you? ” He asked and I looked to his face in surprise.

Who could have given such report?

“I also heard that he forcefully wants your siblings at the palace? Is this true?”

I was really struggling for what to say.

“Are you more scared of him than you are scared of me ?” The king asked but I wasn’t speaking still.

“Bring the prince to me.” He commanded that the prince be brought.

About few seconds later ,the prince was excorted by the guard.

“As an heir to the throne , you need to have moral and conscience otherwise you might loose your reputation. ” the king said to the prince whose head was lowered.

“You have being maltreating this maid ,she has got so scared that she can not even answer me?”

The prince came to look at my face and I quickly looked away.

“I do not want a spoilt prince. Until you grow into maturity ,I won’t stop scolding you. Guards ,give him 100 strokes at the front of the palace.” The king ordered.

“No! No!” I suddenly shouted and all attentions came on me.

I shook my head. “He never maltreated me. He didn’t ”

I could hear rumour behind me.

“You mean he has never maltreated you?”

“Yes ,my Lord.” I replied firmly.

The king sighed and rested well on his seat.

“Take her away.” He said after a while and I was taking back to the cell.

Few hours later ,I was squatting and closing my eyes at the cell when I noticed steps walk towards my cell.

I maintained a closed eye still.

“Your mother is here ” the guard said and left. I opened my eye suddenly and stood to lean by the gate of the cell.


My mother looked at me with pain glarring on her face. “I hate you. Don’t call me mother!”


“I said don’t call me mother!” She yelled angrily and began to clean the tears dropping from the corner of her eye. “Lisa …you. you had the effontery to defend someone that had being making life hell of a living for us. You would have being free by now and favored by the king but what have you? ”

“Why did you act that way?” She shouted angrily . “I don’t want to see you again.” My mother walked away painfully.

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