August 1, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 70

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Written by Feathers.

Episode 70


I blinked my eye and I came back to myself. I never knew that I had being imagining.

He was still about dialing his number on my phone. It was almost ringing when I snatched the phone away from him and hurriedly took few steps back to swiitch it off.

“Sir, I do not like how you are intruding on my privacy. It’s my phone for all I know, I should have full rights over it ,please ” I expressed my dissastifaction to him.

I noticed he brought his phone close to his face to dial a number. Ouch! It might be mine. I hurriedly check to confirm if my phone is flat for real .

Just then , someone began to approach us.

“Brother , I’ve checked you in the office ,I didn’t see you ” the boss’s brother said.

‘I’m …erm… ” He stammered.

‘Mom said she would be coming over next week.’ he said.

I guess that was what he must have come to tell him.

‘What!” He yelled. “Mother! I don’t want to see her. She dare not try it ”

“Brother , don’t tell me you haven’t forgiven mother ” his brother said to him.

‘I can never forgive mother. Never! I hate her so much. I don’t ever want to set my eyes on her again.” He yelled angrily and turned from his brother.

His brother sighed and came to look to my face. I tried to excuse them but his brother called me.

I turned.

“What was going on here before I came?”

‘It’s between the boss and I, sir ”

“Oh! …Fine.” He said and I walked away.

I sat at the office and few minutes later, the boss walked inside first after which his brother walked in.

“Mother sends her apology. She cries everyday that her favorite son hates her with passion ” His brother said while the boss just snubbed and continued working.

His brother turned to me and I quickly pretended like I was working

“Rachael! Can you help?”

I looked to him not knowing what answer to give precisely.

He walked to me and came to lean his hand on my desk.

“A very terrible issue happened between the boss and our mother. That was why he left home and now mother is hurt …really hurt that she might not see her son till she dies. Can you help speak to the boss to let mother come over?”

I thought for a while. “I do not need to speak to the boss. Tell mother to come.” I said and the boss came to look at my face angrily.

“Really?’ his brother asked.

“Don’t worry about the boss ,I’ll handle him. Let mother come over. Trust me.”


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