July 30, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 52

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billinaire.

Episode 52

^Jason’s Mother^

Abiut three hours later, I was laying on my bed trying to sleep when I heard a subtle knock on my door.

I kept my eye opened and lay still. I wondered who could be at the entrance of the door. I sighed and adjusted to a sitting position.

Even though the person at the entrance had stopped knocking. I still see every reason to stand and have a view.

I walked steadily to the door and twisted the knob gently , I pulled the door and standing before me was Suzan.


“Mother, let me me, please.” She requested and I nodded.

We both walked to sit.

“I saw Melissa walk out of your room few hours ago. What has she come to say?”

“She came to plead that I allow Jason choose whom to love.”

“And what was your reply?”

I looked at her intently.

“What do you expect me to say?”

“I need to know , mother.”

“Did you think I can stop standing by your side? I know the quality of the promise I made to your father and I’m not a traitor or someone that someone does not keep to words. You can ask your dad.”

She nodded and lowered her head.

“Everytime I set my eyes on that girl , I feel sad. I feel jealous when I see it in the face of Jason that he seems to care about that girl and not me. ”

“If you are patient and let’s work this out in your favor, you will have what your heart desires. Jason is my son , I own him and knows him pretty well than anyone. So, just put your trust in me. ”

“That’s my weakness mother, I do not have patience. I need to do something as fast as I can before that Melissa of a girl outsmarts me.” She said and I watched her.

She looked to the right like someone thinking and I knew at once that she’s got something to say.

“Mother!” She called as she came to look into my face.

I replied her with my body language.

She whispered some words to me that really shock me to the gut.

My lips parted on their own while I just looked into the air.

“Common mother , you can do it.” She said and stood.

She smiled at me and walked away.

What! How in the world did she expect me to do something of such?

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