June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 142

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He And Her V.

Episode 142


“Why in the world would you sue me to court. Did you loathe me this much?’ I yelled on Tucker.

He had arrived not too long and gone to his room to probably shower and rest. I barged into his room about forty minutes after he had entered his room

” Was that why you barged into my room?”

“And what If I did? Tucker , did you loathe me this much?”

“Grace , you are not worth loving. Come to think of it , just you killed the doctor , you made the wife a widow and the son fatherless. Just you killed my childhood friend and it was even a brutal death. Just you killed Camilla and her son. The woman I had always love just because of your selfish reasons.”

I looked away angrily. I do not feel a bit guilty about all the accusations he levied on me. I would kill a thousand more people who tried to stand between Tucker and I.

Mother taught me that killing is wrong but I seem not to be able to help it. Killing is the only thing that can solve some issues.

I do not see myself overcoming my crisis without killing those that I have killed. Maybe I’m wrong or right , I can’t say precisely.

No one can judge me, not even Tucker.

“Tucker! You did not have to sue me to court.”

“Remember you once sued me to court just so you can have the legal right to come to live in the house that Canilla and I thought we would live peacefully. Do you realize at all that this may actually cost us our peace?”

I sighed while looking into his face.

“I love you, Tucker.”

“Maybe I use to love you when I was young. I can’t even remember clearly. The love has faded. When would you realize that no matter how much or how long you forced yourself on me. It would never work. ” He said.

“It would never work!” I repeated.

“Yes , it would never work Grace. ” he said to me.

I barged out of his room painfully and went to the kitchen to pick a knife. I walked like a mad woman back to his room and stood before him with a knife.

His eyes were furrowed in astonishment.

“Grace! What are you trying to do?”

“I need you to kill me. You said you will never love me , what else am I living for, then? What’s the essence of my fight all this while? I even turned against my best friend ; Camilla and killed both her and her children.
So it would not work still? Kill me.” I said as I stretched the knife in my hand to him.

He looked at me without expressing any emotions.

“Kill me or I will kill myself?” I threatened him the more.

“What! Hey! Careful!’ He said as he walked towards me.

He kept walking slowly towards me, turned suddenly turned angrily from him and stab myself in the stomach.

Life is not worth living without Tucker.

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