June 7, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 11

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 11

^ Lisa ^

Mom couldn’t understand why I had to defend him before his father. She doesn’t even know that I’m only doing it for her.

I just hope that the Prince would order for my release as soon as possible.

I began to change different positions as hours passess until I slept off.

I was awoken by a heavy knock by the gate of the cell. “The prince has ordered for your release?”

I nodded and watched as they unlocked the gate. I got escorted to the prince chamber.

“My Lord.” I greeted him.

The guards that escorted me in excused themselves by walking outside.

“Why did you save me?”

“Who is worth saving the prince. I only said the truth.”

“Oh really? Truth. ” He sighed. “What did you want in return?”

“I believe you are not an ingrate, my Lord. And that you would reward me accordingly. ” I said and lowered my head. “Let my mom and sister out of the palace.”

He was quiet for a while after which he spoke up. “No! Ask for any other thing?”

“My siblings are equivalent to the life I live. Please my Lord , grant my request. They have nothing to do in the palace.” I said.

“No. They are living here henceforth.” He said.

“No , they are not.” I said sternly.

“Are you threatening me again?”

“What would you do this time ,behead me? I’ll kill you myself if you did not let my family out of the palace.” I said and barged out.

I went straight to where he had ordered for my mom and sister to be staying. It looked beautiful but my mom detest the palace so much.

“Mother!” I called as I entered. She snubbed and kept picking the beans on the tray before her.

“Sister , I hate you for what you did.” My sister bursted out.

I looked at her. “Leave us alone. It seems you have fallen in love with the Prince that you would rather have the prince detain us to the king releasing us. ”

My mouth dripped in shock.

“Mother! Mother! You know I’m not a child like that.”

“What kind of child are you then? ” my mom yelled. ” A kind of child that would not seize the opportunity to set her own family free. We know the prince is probably having a relationship with you already. ”

My mom’s word hurts. My sister words hurt too.

“Mother!” I called painfully.

“Leave us.” My sister yelld and stood. My mom stood to my surprise too and they both pushed me out of the chamber that they are.

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