July 24, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 71

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 71


It was closing hour and I was getting ready to leave. The boss’s brother who had promised to come around till we are done with work for the day came in.

Ever since I gave order for the boss’s brother to let their mother come over , I had not spoken with the boss neither has he spoken to me.

Only the gods knows what he might be thinking or planning.

“Shall we?”The boss’s brother said to me and I stood. I picked my little handbag and walked out with the boss’s brother without even wishing the boss a goodbye.

I intentionally didn’t talk about the boss with his brother and promised myself that even if he tries to bring up a discussion about him , I swill smartly slide over it.

We got to where his car was parked and he leaned by the drivr’s seat while I stood before him.

“Actually , mom would be coming today.” The boss’s brother said.

“But…did she just decide to come even when the boss had not permitted her to?”

‘Yes. It’s crazy right? She said she doesn’t care if her son even kills her, she just want to set her eyes on her son before she dies. ”

I sighed. “Why did she keep thinking about death?”

The boss’s brother looked away to the right and his eyes suddenly turned red while the expression on his face was a pathetic one.

“Sir!” I called and he wouldn’t still look at my face. “I’m sorry for for asking about that.

He brought his face directly opposite mine and sighed coldly.

” Mom developed a stomach ulcer two years after the boss left home. Mother had warned me to hid it from him since he hates her anyways. Seems mother may soon die for real. She just want to see her son and probably apologize before she dies ”

I nodded. I do not have the effontery to speak any further.I haven’t known what could have transpired between the woman and the boss that made the boss loathe her that much.

‘Can we go together to the airport to pick up mom?”

“Sure.” I answered and he gestured for me to walk inside the car.

About fifty minutes later , we arrived at the airport and I saw an old and weary looking woman.

The boss’s brother walked swiftly to the woman and shot the woman a welcoming smile.

“Welcome mother.”

The woman nodded and came to look at my face.

“Mother , meet Rachael.” He faced me. ” Rachael meet mother.”

I exchanged pleasantries with the old woman and we both walked back to the boss’s brother car.

We arrived at the boss house about an hour later cause the boss’s brother was driving slowly cause of the old woman sited with us at the car.

We all stepped down from the car.

“My son’s house is really beautiful.” The woman spoke and we smiled at her words.

“How dare you step your foot on my house you worn out woman! You dare wait for me and watch.” The boss barked angrily from afar and ran inside as if going to pick something to hurt the old woman.

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