July 30, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 3 And 4

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After the shooting I drove home and thank goodness my aunt wasn’t home.
Isn’t that wonderful?
I changed into something comfortable, picked my laptop and a glass of juice and went to the garden.
Megan’s POV
‘Mum, she embarrassed me. If you don’t do something am going to do it myself,’ I said angrily.
That girl poured a glass of juice on my face and my mom isn’t doing anything.
She has everything that I want. Even though she is arrogant companies want her.
‘Don’t do anything that will destroy your career,’ mom said but I walked out and went to my room.
I took my phone and called.
????Hi baby.
????Hi, I miss you.
He said but I know he is lying.
????I need your help.
????What is it?
????I want you to make someone’s life miserable. Don’t kill her yet. Date her then break her heart beyond repair.
I said with a smirk.
????Who is it?
????Nicole Milan.
He said and I hanged up.
I threw the phone on the bed and smiled.
After getting hurt she will kill herself and her blood won’t be on my hands.
Nicole’s POV
I was listening to music and busy on my laptop until some stupid imposter showed up.
Seeing him makes me wanna puke.
‘Look who we have here. What do you want Ian?’ I asked irritated.
‘Please Nic, hear me out,’ he pleaded.
I know deep down am still a good girl.
‘You have five minutes and the count down begins now,’ I said raising my fingers.
‘I’m sorry and I still love you. I was drugged. Please give us a second chance,’ he said kneeling.
‘Us? You and who? If you were drugged, do you have a medical report to prove yourself?’ I asked.
Ain’t going to be lied to twice.
Just because I forgave him doesn’t mean I’ll give him a chance to hurt me again. I’m not that stupid.
‘Please don’t do this to me,’
‘I loved you, you know that? I sacrificed everything for you but I guess I learnt my worth,’ I said.

Nicole’s POV
‘Please,’ he still pleaded.
I know myself and I can’t imagine falling for him again.
‘Just leave my house now,’ I yelled.
He stood and walked away sullenly.
I felt pity for him.
I went to my room, I need to relax my mind.
I took a shower and went through my things for something to wear.
I opted for a blue baggy jean and an oversized shirt.
I picked my hoodie and a cap before leaving the house.
I don’t want to attract attention from my fans.
I need to leave a normal life.
I trekked out of the estate before taking a taxi.
After driving for a while I told the taxi to stop and gave him the money.
I don’t know where I am but I know my way home.
The taxi didn’t divert so the next taxi won’t.
After walking for a while I spotted a club and I smile.
I walked inside and thank goodness it wasn’t too classy.
I took a sit at a corner. I didn’t want to drink, I just enjoyed how they danced.
I was humming to the song and two men joined my table.
‘Hi Missy, can I get one night stand,’ one man asked shamelessly.
Do I look like a slit to him.
I picked my cap from the table a wanted to stand but he hold my hand back.
I felt scared but didn’t want to show it.
I now regret why I came this sides.
The other guy walked to my side and started dragging me out.
I tried to fight but they were more energetic.
I sat on the floor as the tears betrayed me.
One man raised his fist to hit me and closed my eyes awaiting death.
He’s strong and I don’t think I can take that.
I heard commotion of people fighting but I wasn’t hit.
I opened my eyes and one of the men was on the floor bleeding one someone was fighting the other man.

Nicole. Episode 7 And 8
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