August 1, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 5 And 6

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 51

Liam’s POV
I had taken a nap but since lack wasn’t on my side, I overslept.
My shift starts at 4pm and ends at 9pm, I woke up at 3:35pm.
I prepared and took my bike heading to work.
I passed through the club to deliver my sisters message and as I walked through the backdoor I met Leonel and his big headed friend harassing a girl.
This two can’t stop causing trouble in this area.
I dealt with them and the girl was trembling.
I helped her up and she wrapped her tiny hands around me scared.
I have five minutes to get to work or I get it worse with the boss.
I slowly disengaged from her hands but I can’t recognize her.
I think he isn’t from this area.
‘Hey miss were you hurt?’ I asked and she nodded negatively.
‘Okay, I need to get to work,’ I said and she finally looked up.
I must say she’s pretty.
I’m not a fun of celebrity stuffs but she seems like a celebrity my sister adores.
Maybe my brain is playing tricks on me, a celebrity can’t be in this sides with this dressing code.
‘Can you take me home?’ she pleaded childishly and I couldn’t say no.
‘Where to?’
‘Do you know of Nicole Milan?’ she asked and I nodded.
My sister has almost all the information about her and is just waiting for an opportunity to go to her house.
‘Take me to her estate,’
‘Do you leave there?’
‘No, sometimes I work there,’ she said.
‘Okay let’s go,’
I gave her the helmet and ignited the engine.
‘Hold on tight, I’m a crazy driver,’ I said and she chuckled.
Nicole’s POV
We got to the gate that leads to our estate and he stopped.
Bikes aren’t allowed unless I reveal my identity and ain’t planning that soon.
‘What’s your name cutie?’ he asked out of the blue.
‘Sandra,’ I said and faked a smile.
‘Nice name for a lovely lady like you. I’m Liam Bellen,’
‘Nice name to. Can I get your number?’ I asked and gave him my phone.
I can’t risk giving him my card but I really want to thank him for saving my life.

Nicole’s POV
‘That’s it,’ he said and I called the line immediately.
‘That’s mine, thank you once again,’
‘You are welcome,’
I watched until TBD bike was out of view, then I walked to the house.
Aunt was outside waiting for me.
‘Where have you been my daughter? Are you okay? You didn’t even have lunch, why?’ she asked all the questions immediately and I just stared at her.
Which question am I to answer first.
‘I’m fine,’ I said simply after a while.
‘I was worried sick about you. Go upstairs freshen up and remove those clothes, you don’t look good. Afterwards come downstairs, I prepared something delicious for you,’ she said.
I smiled and hugged her.
Whatever drug she has taken, it is working very well
and I need to find it and add the quantity.
Liam’s POV
I got to my place of work, twenty minutes late and me the boss angry.
The way she looks, she can even scare a lion away.
‘Where do you think you are going?’ she stopped me at the door.
‘You are fired,’ she shouted and tried pushing me out.
I wonder where I’ll start from and yet my sister needs to pay for her final exam.
We are only the two of us in this wicked world.
I drove back home and threw myself on my small bed.
I was thinking on what to do next when my phone beeped.
A checked it and it was a text from Sandra.
????Hi thank you for your help. I hope your boss didn’t treat you harshly.
????Am fine thanks for caring.
????Can we meet tomorrow.
????OK. Text me where I should get you from.
She hanged up and the text came in immediately.
I took a shower and went to continue with sleeping. I needed to think but that could only happen if my mind is sober.

24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 51

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