June 16, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 7 And 8

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          EPISODE 7
      Nicole’s POV
I woke up and went to the bathroom for my normal routine.
I got downstairs and aunt wasn’t home.
I went to her clothes and took one dress, it was oversized.
I put on slippers and waited for Liam’s call.
I got his text and went through the backyard to out of the estate.
He was there with his bike waiting for me.
    ‘Hi,’ I greeted to get his attention which was on his phone.
    ‘Hi, you are here? Hope you slept well?’
    ‘Yeah, I did and you?’
    ‘It was nice, I guess. I need to deliver something to my sister can we go there first?’
    ‘Where is she?’
    ‘Due to some reasons she isn’t in school. She’s working at a restaurant not too far from here,’
He took charge and it was fun seeing the outside world.
We got to the restaurant and he delivered what he had as I waited outside.
He came out minutes later with her and she can make a good model.
She is supposed to be in school, unfortunately I don’t know why she’s here. I could have helped.
    ‘Sandra, this is my sister Laureen. Laureen, this is Sandra my friend,’ he said.
I had even forgotten that I was Sandra.
I smiled as we shook hands.
    ‘Do you have a twin sister who is a celebrity?’ she asked and I nodded negatively.
    ‘You look like Nicole. I wish I could be like her,’ she said dreamingly.
    ‘Do you want to be a model?’
    ‘You are asking? Of course I would love to,’
She’s beautiful and could make a good model but how am I supposed to help her.
    ‘I can help you to train then when you get the chance, it won’t be hard on you,’ I said and she smiled.
    ‘Thank you,’
    ‘Can we start tomorrow, I’ll carry my phone. Just tell me the time,’
     ‘At 2, my shift ends at 1,’
She hugged me and went back inside.
     ‘Let’s go somewhere,’ he said and I nodded.
He rode the bike to an unfinished building.
The first floor was done and seemed like people were living there.
We got inside the house and even though there weren’t many things like my house it was beautifully arranged.
There were drawings on the wall and photos of him and his sister.
    ‘Is this your house?’ I asked and he nodded.
    ‘Let’s go up there,’ he said and I followed behind.
    ‘Do you know how to draw?’ I asked after we sat up there.
    ‘A bit,’ he said simply.
I looked around and admired the place.
The phone I had rang and I walked from him before picking it.
It was my manager, I wonder what he has in store for me. has
He’s usually a kill joy.

            EPISODE 8
       Nicole’s POV
What do you want this time round?
I asked angrily.
I need the documents in the next two hours.
He said more like a command.
Whatever, I’ll bring them two your office.
I said hanged up.
We stayed there for an hour and be drove me to the normal place.
I thanked him and went inside the estate after be left.
I took a shower and changed, I took my favorite sports car and drove out of the compound. I hadn’t gone far before some damn car blocked my way.
I got out angrily to meet a smiling Ian.
I went back to my car and came out with a mirror and handed to him.
    ‘That’s a donation from me, next time before you smile, have a good look at yourself. You look ugly and you can scare kids away,’ I said and left him dumbfounded.
I got into my car and got my way out. 
          Ian’s POV
I don’t think I can get to this girl easily.
She’s rude, arrogant and proud, I heard people say she has a good side, which I don’t think so.
I drove to Megan’s house, to step down from this nonsense.
I got inside and met her almost leaving.
    ‘Hope you have good news for me?’ she asked.
     ‘Actually I can’t seduce her. She gave me a mirror to look at myself,’ I said and she laughed.
      ‘I don’t care, tame her pride and get her on your bed, then send me the video,’ she said sternly.
I left her house and went to the club to cool myself.
Imagine being controlled by a girl.
Isn’t that ridiculous?
            Megan’s POV
He isn’t even shameful that she can’t get a girl. If that girl is hard for him, will he even get a wife.
I drove to the mall to get some classic clothes.
I wear a clothe once and it’s out of fashion.
I turned toward the mall and I saw a bike coming towards my direction.
The driver must be a professional as he stopped right in front of my car.
I got down and met the most handsome face I have seen.
   ‘I’m sorry miss, I was in a hurry,’ he said with a charming smile and I stared at him as words couldn’t come out.
He is handsome and his voice sounds like an angel.
    ‘No problem, I’m Megan,’ I said after I found my tongue.
     ‘I know, you are the model. I’m…,’ he wanted to talk but his phone rang.
      ‘Okay, I’m on my way,’ he hanged up and wore his helmet.
      ‘Nice meeting you,’ he shouted and drove off.

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