July 21, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 143

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He And Her V.

Episode 143


I watches as she fell to the floor bleeding as a result of the stab. Ouch! I hope that she would not pass out.

I dialed the ambulance immediately and tried as much as possible not to touch the knife on her body.

As much as I did not want the both of us together , I do not wish for her to die.

The ambulance arrived in a jiffy and I ran inside to escort them in.

With the look on her face,they had probably assumed I stabbed her.

One of the men went away to put a call across to someone I guess to be the cops.

They carried her in hurriedly and drove away fastly.

I heard the siren of the cops about an hour later. I walked outside and I saw two among them already coming with guns in their hand.

“You need to follow us to the station, Mr Tucker.”

“Fine.” I answered and followed them.

About ten minutes later, we arrived at their station and I was taken straight to the interrogation room.

I sat at the sit there with no one in view. A woman walked to me. She should be in her fifties.

“The woman you tried to kill is a top official in the government , are you aware, Mr. Tucker.”

“Maybe I should sue you for defamation of character.”

“We both know you stabbed her , there is no questioning about that or you perhaps want to tell me that she stabbed herself?” She said.

“When she has not gone crazy.” The woman added.

“It’s good to be smart but your smartness is foolishness to me. I’m not saying any more word until I have a word with my lawyer ” I said.

“I put it to you , Mr. Tucked ,who stabbed Grace? ” She asked but I snubbed.

“Remember that it was only both of you at home.”

I snubbed still and the woman stood.

“Fine , we will let you speak with your lawyer.” The woman walked out.

Two days later!

I had being placed in house arrest. Just Joy and I were at home. The doctor had said Grace might survive the stabbing. It’s obvious the cops can not wait for her to tell them what really happened.

Sadly , the court day is tomorrow and I guess it would be suspended since my opposition is incapicated to show up at the court at the moment.

My phone rang at the moment and I picked it.

“Camilla , how are you doing?”

“Fine, how about you?”

I sighed. “How about the baby?”

“He’s doing well , tell me what happened , Tucker.”

I explained all that happened to her.

“What! I’m coming over there now “

“No, I’m on house arrest. Cameras are watching , I’m not allowed to entertain visitors.”

“Why in the world would Grace tried to stab herself just cause of….Gosh! That girl is not only evil but stupid.” Camilla said.

“Is there a way I could help?”

“Sure please. I only need you to take good care of the baby and be fine. As for me , I would be fine. “

I heard Camilla sob over the phone.

“Common Camilla , all will be alright soon and we will live our lives solely together with our handsome baby.”

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