July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 12

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 12


I walked back sullenly to my room and fell to my wooden bed sadly. My family didn’t even want me around them cause of what I did to save the prince.

I really did this for them but it saddens me that they would not understand my reason. How in the world can I be so concerned about a man than my own family.

An heir to the throne is more powerful than the incumbent king. He has the power to revenge all that had happened to him in the past when he becomes king.

As much as I’m stern and rigid towards him , I really want to find his favor too ,only then can he set my family free.

I really wish he would favor me after I saved him from the venom of the king.

But he’s so stern at heart and I will make sure I break that heart of his.

I adjusted to a sitting position and subjected myself to a deep thought. I want to find a way of breaking the king and make him realize that he is nothing but a mortal.

I went outside and went to meet with the most beautiful of the maid. Her name is So Seo No.

She smiled on seeing me approach where she stood with other maids.

.”I want to have a word with you.” I said as soon as I got to where she stood.

“Alright.” She excused her friend and we both walked a few distance from her friends.

“It’s strange that you want to see me at a time time like this.”

“Yes but it’s nothing bad. You must have heard the rumour that the king ordered for my siblings to live in the palace forcefully and assigned positions to them. This is not the wish of my family, he’s probably doing that to torture me ” I said and looked intently for the expression on the girl’s face to see if she aollowing my words.

“I need you to do a favor for me.”

“What’s that?” She came to ask me.

“I need you to seduce the prince.” She furrowed her brow in shock.

I nodded. “He voted for you in the last context of the most beautiful maid in the palace which means you might have find favor with him. Please seduce him.”

“How , my lady?” She asked.

“Seduce him into loving you. Make sure he had fallen so deep in love with you , then break his heart. Tell him you never loved him.”

“Won’t that have a terrible repercussion. What if he threatens to kill me or probably forcefully marry me?”

“I won’t let that happen.” Trust me. “I just need someone to break him.”

“I’ll think about it, my lady.” She walks away

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