July 30, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 72

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 72

^ Rachael ^

“Ava, what do we do?” His brother came to look at my face like I was their savior at that moment.

“Would he hurt his own mother?” I asked no one in particular and held the boss’s brother by his wrist. I dragged him behind a flower where no one would see us except the old woman that had known that we hid there.

“What are we doing this for.” The boss brother asked while squatting and hiding beside me

“No right thinking man would ever lay his hands on his mother even if his mother ate his manhood.” I said and the boss’s brother just nodded. He was still scared and I knew it cause it was so obvious.

“See!” He shouted while looking towards the entrance.

“Hey! I need you to calm down , please. ” I tried to calm him down.

“You just shouted. Please remain calm or at least , close your eyes and watch what happens.” I said and he nodded as he lowered his head.

I peeked to where he had told me to look at and saw the boss walking angrily with a knife in his hand.

I went to look at the old woman and she just stood still watching her own child.

The face of the boss had swiveledred red and with the way he was walking , one would assume rapidly that he would stab the old woman to death but I knew that may never happen.

He approached the woman and stood before the woman.

“Son!’ The woman called and he shot the woman the most angry look I might ever find on his face.

‘Wicked and brutal mother. You shall die today.” He told the woman.

‘I’m close to death , make it fast , please.” The woman said and closed her eye while the boss just watched her.

The woman opened her eyes and said; “Son, I’m a cancerous patient. I only came to stay with you for a while…please let me.”

“After everything that you have done.” The boss said sternly.

“I know that my acts are unforgivable , I had asked of you to forgive me several times when you were home but you couldn’t. I have committed the unpardonable act against my own son , what can I say. Please just let me stay.”

The boss looked away and thought for a while.

“Wicked woman. How many days?”

“Just three days and I’ll go back.”

“Three days! ” the boss repeated. “I’ll let you , however ,don’t think forgiveness may ever come in those three days.” He walked away from the old woman.

“It worked. ” the boss brother said happily.

‘Yeah.” I sniffed and he stood from behind the flower that we hid and went to hug the old woman.

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