August 4, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 9 And 10

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Nicole’s POV
It has been fun training with Laureen at her house and I think I love Liam.
We also do dancing and those two are crazy dancers.
We are done for today and am dressing to go home.
I opened the door and Liam was standing there with his hands in the pocket.
‘Hi,’ I tried to start a conversation because I couldn’t take the stare anymore.
‘Come with me,’ he said as he pulled me out of the house.
‘You are supposed to teach me how to ride a bike,’ I said when we got out.
‘Yeah sure, you can’t ride with that,’ he said pointing at my dress.
‘Let me change to what I had,’ I said and ran back inside.
The trouser was no longer there and Laureen was arranging her room.
‘Can I use the trouser to ride the bike?’ I asked her.
‘I already sorted the laundry, I’ll give you something else,’
She went through her clothes and handed me a blue-jean short and a singlet.
‘I’m going to ride a bike,’ I said.
‘Yeah I know, but since my brother can’t appreciate good things, am gonna help him,’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Just put the clothes on and go. He won’t take his eyes off you. Push him to the wall until he speaks up,’ she said with a smirk.
‘You’ve got dirty thoughts,’
‘I just talk to you, you are nice and sweet. Won’t mind being your sister-in-law. Remember we are to meet Nicole’s manager. Did you get to talk to him?’ she asked.
‘Yeah I did and he will plan a meeting with us in two days,’ I said and she smiled.
I had talked to my manager and am stepping down from two shootings for her to do it.
I really want to tell them the truth but I am afraid they met treat me differently.
‘What will you do if you meet with Nicole? Or let’s say you sit on the same table with her and even be friends?’ I asked.
‘I’ll be so happy. She is my inspiration and one day I hope I’ll be like her. I’m surprised that you two aren’t related but I think you two need a DNA to prove who was stolen,’ she said and I chuckled.
‘Laureen, keep your gossip,’ Liam called from outside.
‘Dress up,’ she said and left his room.
I dressed up and untied my hair.
I looked at myself in the mirror and looked like Nicole on TV.
I just need to tell them, after all, they are part of my life.
I left the room and met them arguing.
‘Give me a break with your excuses,’ Laureen shouted.
Liam wanted to answer back but our eyes met and his eyes pierced through my skin.
‘Back to earth, Liam,’ Laureen hit him and I felt jealous.
I wish I had an elder brother, I guess it would have been fun.
‘Who told you I had traveled to Jupiter?’ he asked still staring at me.
‘Whatever,’ she rolled her eyes.
‘Let’s go,’ he said and led the way.
‘He has to spell it out, don’t mind his stubbornness,’ Laureen whispered.
‘What’s he to spill?’
‘The truth and I trust you, don’t disappoint me,’ she said and ran to her room.

Episode 10
Liam’s POV
Haven’t I been patient enough? Very soon this girl will make me go crazy.
How will I teach her to drive yet I can’t concentrate?
‘Liam, concentrate,’ I said to myself as she walked outside.
Her beauty, smile, legs, body shape, everything about her is perfect. Don’t forget her good heart.
I sat on the bike to offer balance.
Ain’t sure if I can drive with her infant of me but I guess I’ll have to give it a try.
I placed my hands on hers and they were soft. I tried but couldn’t.
‘Can you do me a favor?’ I asked.
I can’t risk getting involved in an accident.
‘What is it?’ she asked innocently.
‘Just sit behind me, I take you to a free space to train,’ I said.
She looked back and her lips are tempting.
‘Get hold of yourself,’ I mentally slapped myself.
She got down and did as I had said.
I drove to where I taught Laureen how to drive.
She sat in front of me and I took a deep breath.
I wish she wore something else.
With all the strength put together, we did the first round and she wasn’t bad.
She’s a quick learner.
Nicole’s POV
‘I can’t do it anymore,’ he blurted out yet I only went around the field once and wasn’t a big one.
‘Why?’ I asked with a cracked voice and made a puppy face.
It used to work on my dad.
He didn’t reply and he was backing me.
‘Do you hate me?’ I asked and sniffed facing down.
He walked to where I was and lifted my chin.
He wiped the fake tears with his thumb.
‘You want to know why, huh?’ he asked and I nodded.
‘Because I can’t do it anymore, I don’t want you to get injured. You’re driving me crazy,’ he said and I raised my eyebrows.
He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me to himself.
‘I love you and next time don’t wear that,’ he said staring into my face.
I felt butterflies in my tummy as I ran out of words.
I’ll have to tell him, today or never.
I can’t risk him finding out for himself.
‘Can I tell you something?’ I asked and he nodded. ‘Promise me you won’t get mad,’
‘I promise,’ he said with a smile.
‘My real name is Nicole,’ I said.
‘I know, it’s only Laureen that doesn’t know,’ he said still smiling.
‘When I realized I loved you, I had to know who you were. The gifts we got from that woman, they were connected to you.
I was just waiting for you to trust me and talk,’ he said.
‘I’m sorry, I trust both of you. It’s only that I didn’t want to be treated differently,’
‘I understand, just tell Laureen before she goes for the shooting,’ he said simply.
‘Wait, are you a detective?’ I asked and he laughed.
‘Then let’s continue with the training,’ I said and shrugged.
‘No, I can only do that when my eyes are closed and you know the consequences,’
He handed me his jacket.
‘Tie that on your waist,’
What will it even do?
‘If you want us to do something constructive your cloth should at least get to your knee. I don’t like when all eyes are on you,’

‘Are you jealous?’
‘If what am feeling is jealous, then I guess it’s true,’ he said and hugged me.
I felt protected in his arms.

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