July 26, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 11

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The V Stripped.

Episode 11

^ Jennie ^

I alighted from the cab that I had chattered home. It saddens me that I came back here without money but I’m sure that stubborn man wouldn’t want to dare me not to send it.

I put a call across to my sister and informed her that I’m home.

My landlord saw me walking towards my apartment and he began to walk towards me.

I stood sternly and angry at him for what he tried to do for my sister.

“Bastard!” I mutterd under my breath.

He finally got to where I stood and scoff.


“My money ” he replied.

Was that why you tried to rape my sister!”

“Excuse me! Just pay me my money and leave the house in peace if you want.”

“I’ll pay you in 24 hours “

“He busted into a sarcastic laughter. ” 24 hours indeed. Well,I’ll be coming with the cops after 24 hours to request for my money or send you and your wretched sister away “

He walked away.

I looked away sadly and bitterness overshadowed me.

“Sister!” I heard my sister called from afar and I pretended as If nothing was actually wrong.”

“Welcome baby.” She walked to me swiftly and we hugged.

As much as I was happy to see my sister , I regretted coming back home without a penny.

We both walked inside the house and she offered me a coffee.

“Have you met with the landlord?” She asked and I nodded.

“What did he say?”

“I paid him.” I lied.

“For real!” My sister shouted and jumped up happily. She came to hug me and I maintained a fake smile.

I do hope my sister will not find out that I had not paid the landlord. I would not like her seeing me as a lier

I’ll be optimistic that Stone would forward the money to me before 24 hours clocks.

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