July 30, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 54

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^ Melissa ^

Early the following morning , I lay on my bed. I had awoken from sleep but still had to pretend like I had being sleeping.

Few moments later , I heard the most gentle knock on my door and I opened my eye.

I threw my legs to the floor and stood to attend to whoever is knocking.

On arriving at the door , I twisted the knob and Jason’s mom came into view.

“How are you doing?” She asked

“I’m fine. Good morning.” I greeted and gestured for her to walk in.

I wondered what she must have come to discuss with me at this early time of the day.

She sat at a seat and faced me.

I looked to her face curiously.

“I came early so Suzan would not find out that came here. She had told me to do something really terrible “

“What is that?”

She sighed. “She told me to sneak into your room this night ,since I have the master key and suffocate you with the pillow till you stop breathing!”

“She would never stop thinking of killing me. “

“She really wants you dead. “

“But why? This should not even go to that extent , why in the world would she want me dead just because I’m a friend to Jason.”

“Susan is so much in love with Jason. And even when Jason was away, she waited cause she knew pretty well that he would come back.”

“But Jason never loves her.”

“Yes , he never did. But she’s obsessed about him. “

“What are we going to do now, mom?”

“I’m really tired myself. She will find out that I didn’t kill you and…” The woman shook her head and exhaled.

“If I pretended like I have died just for your sake , for how long would I do that?”

She sighed heavily and crossed her legs.

“I guess we will just let her find out cause if you even tell her that you had killed me and thrown me to the furnace to burn, I would be forced to stay away from here for her to believe. And with that , I would not be able to free Jason from her shadow. ” I said.

The woman nodded.

“What did you think?” I asked when I realised that she was only responding with her body language.

“Nothing at the moment. I guess she will have to find out. I fear that she may find out that I’m no longer on her side and so, stop trusting me with revelations.”

I hummed. “There is someone that we need to join us in these. And that is her father. If only I can have a conversation with her father , I might try to convince him. The last time I tried to have a conversation with him , it took the negative direction and my escape was a narrow one.”

The woman stood. “Be careful.” She walked away.

I sighed and went to shower.

Two hours later!

I went outt of my room to check on Donald and I saw Suzan standing before Jason’s room. I wondered what she could be doing there.

“Hey! What are you doing there?” I asked?

“Nothing. ” She replied and shook her head. There was a sarcastic smirk on her lips.

I came to the entrance and held the knob.

“Shouldn’t I ask you what you are doing here too?” She asked.

“Then I won’t lie like you did. I will simply tell you that I had come to see Jason.”

She scoff. “You are rude , you know?”

“I believe a rude somebody is better than a murderer.”

“Oh! Meaning I’m a murderer?”

I raised my left shoulder with my two palms opened implying that she can interpret my words the way she want.

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She bite her lips angrily and slapped me.

I held my cheek and looked at her in anger. I sent her two hard slaps in return.

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