June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 144

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He And Her V.

Episode 144

^ Camilla ^

I was really disturbed and kept tossing to and fro my room while peeking at the bed. “I do not want my baby to go through a rough life , by now…he should be seeing his father and I not just me alone.

I went to him as he cries and kissed him on his forehead.

What if Grace actually confessed that Tucker stabbed her? Does that mean the father of my child may be sent to jail?

No, no! That would never happen.

By the ways, Grace really loved Tucker , she wouldn’t do that.

I sunk to the bed and sighed heavily.

I’m really scared now, I just pray she tells the cops what really happened.

^ Grace ^

I came to consciencesness and everywhere was dark. I noticed my eye was closed.

I opened my eye and sighed. I didn’t die.

I had thought I would die when I stabbed myself. I darted my eyes around the room and brought my attention to my stomach.

I raised my head to see how it would look, I noticed stitches around my stomach and I just let my head fall back to the bed.

I start to feel pain in my stomach and I start groaning in pains. The pain was horrible and I wish a nurse or a doctor would enter at that moment to attend to me.

Tucker’s POV

While sitting alone in the living room, two cops enter unannounced.

” Weldone , Mr Tucker.” They greeted but I refused to answer. I just took the drink beside me and began to sip it gently.

“Grace has come back to consciousness. ” One of the cops said and I still didn’t give them attention.

“Well, she confessed and told us what really happened.”

I looked at them and the two cops both exchanged glances.

“She confessed that she stabbed herself cause you frustrate her.” The second cop said.

I was so happy on the inside of me that she confessed the truth.

“You will be released and…you may come to check up on her at the hospital.” One of the cop said and looked into my face for response.

“I’m happy that I’m free. You can now leave.” I told them and they walked away.


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I put my phone across to Camilla immediately and natrated to her what just happened.

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