July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 13

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 13

^ Lisa ^

“I’ve thought about it my, lady.” The most beautiful of the maid said while standing before me.

She had promised to get back to me and I was surprised she made her decision as quick as she can.

This is just the next day and she had come to tell me what she had thought.

I was really optimistic and was expecting a positive reply from her.

“Tell me. ” I asked.

“I can’t do such a thing to an heir to the throne. He may have hurt you but not me. He has being kind to me. You might try out another person.” She said and lowered her head as she walked away.

Those words really came as a shock to me. I stood still and felt perplexed.

I walked back to my room. I felt really sad that mom and sister didn’t really want to set their eyes on me.

Maybe I should have let the king punish the Prince and set my family free but that will be dangerous for us all in the future.

I still think finding favor from the prince Is the best

“The prince has requested that you follow us to the field?” I heard a masculine voice Asy at and entrance of the door and I turned toward the voice.

“The field? What do they expect me to do at the field? ” I walked to the door and opened it.

I saw guards standing. I followed them the field.

On arriving there , I saw the prince training in swords with another man. They continue fighting while I watch.

The man is obviously skilled in the use of swords compared to the Prince but the prince is good too.

The man won and place the sword by the neck of the prince. The Prince gasped and lost guards.

“I’ll definitely be able to beat you someday.” The princee told the man.

“Ever since I start to train you ,my Lord. It has always being my wish that you are able to defeat me flawlessly.” The man said and I knew at once that the man is his trainer.

The Prince looked at me and I lowered my head to greet him.

“Min Ho. I need you to teach this lady the use of sword. ” he said to the man.

What! Sword!

“Alright ,my Lord.” The man lowered his head subserviently.

Sword is really what I had always wish to learn and I’ll be glad to learn it but I didn’t see a reason to express my happiness before him since he’s making my family sad.

I maintained a silly face.

He walked to me and smiled.

“Free my family from the palace.” I said and he began to laugh at me.

“Please.” I pleaded.

“See who’s begging. Thought you told me you will kill me if I did not let them be?”

I lowered my head pitifully.

“Min ho! Over to you.” He told the man and took few steps away.

I ran and picked the sword on the floor. I ran to him and placed it on his neck.

The guards rally around us all of a sudden.

“If you move near me , I will cut his head off ” I said to the guards while still placing the sword by the neck of the prince.

He smiled and and ordered the guards to lower their swords.

“Kill me.” He said to me.

“Release my siblings.” I said to him.

He chukled. “You dare place a sword by my neck , you will watch your family die before you.”

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