June 15, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 73

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 73

^ Rachael ^

I watched as both the boss’s brother and the mother expressed their happiness. I need to find a way of helping the woman in these three days.

I do hope that the boss would be able to forgive her in these three days.

I walked to them and the woman shot me a very weak and weary smile. She burtsed into tears while still looking at me.

My face dropped in sadness while standing still. The boss’s brother hugged her and they both walked in.

I walked in with them.

“I need to leave now.” I told the boss’s brother and he faced me without saying any word for almost a minute.

“Tell your sister I’m greeting her and…I’ll probably love to see her again.”

Oh! He is really asking after my sister. Thought he said she was never beautiful , so why In the world would he want her now.

” I’ll deliver your message, sir.” I answered him and turned.

“Hey! You.” I heard a loud shout of the boss’s voice and I turned to him.

“Who are you to decide what I want? “

I looked to him like I did not understand what he meant.

“Why in the world would you tell my brother to let my brother come to my house?”

“Oh! She’s your mother. Your biological mother… Erm, I really didn’t see a big deal in a mother coming to visit her son.”

“This is where you are foolish. Did you care to find out why I never want to set my eyes on this wicked woman again?”

I sighed. “I don’t care what she did, alright? She carried you in her womb for nine months and labor hard before you pull your handsome head out of her womanhood”

“I’ll take my leave” I added and turned to leave.

I took few steps and was almost getting to the door when I turned back unexpectedly. He was still starring at me and perhaps not expecting me to turn back.

“You asked me who I am to you, right? Your secretary.” I announced and walked away.

“Welcome!” My sister greeted me as I
I walked in.

“Sister, guess what?”

“Hum! Before you start to gist me , you should eat first.”

“Thanks sister but you really need to hear this out. ” I said as I walked to the dinner

We both sat before each other and I began to eat.

“I’m all ears now.” She said.

“You are not good at guessing , I would have compelled you to guess. The boss’s brother extend his greetings to you.” I said and waited for her expression.

It was as I’ve expected. “Are you serious? Like he told you to greet me?” She was so happy evaluating from the expression on her face.

“Yes. ” I smiled.

She chukled and blushed.

“Erm… He said one more thing.”


“He confessed that he would love the both of you to meet one more time.”

“You are pranking me, right?”

“It’s not a prank , sister. I’m damn serious.”


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he stood and began to jubilate while I giggled.

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