July 28, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 11 And 12

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Megan’s POV
‘Ma’am you have a visitor,’ the chief maid said.
I dragged myself downstairs and met my private investigator.
‘Do you have information about him?’ I asked.
‘Yes, his name is Liam drake, 25years. He stays with his sister who is nineteen and in grade twelve,’ he said and I smiled.
‘Give me his address,’ I said sternly.
‘I think he has a girlfriend, he has been seen on several occasions with a girl. She’s not his sister and they seem so close,’ he said and I felt jealous.
‘Is the girl pretty?’
‘To be honest she’s more than you,’
‘What! You are fired,’ I shouted.
‘My job is done, my money?’
‘I’m not giving you a single dime, how dare you compare me to anyone?’
‘I don’t do charity works, watch your back,’ he said and walked out.
I went upstairs and changed into something comfortable.
We live in the same estate with Nicole my house is at a far end.
I was walking out of my compound when I noticed a bike entering their compound.
Let it not be what am thinking because I think she was the one with the guy. I wasn’t able to see the guys face due to the distance.
Nicole’s POV
I kept touching my lips after the kiss.
We went to his house and planned to train after Laureen’s shooting. I needed to tell her the truth.
I’m happy she understood.
I changed to my dress and he rode to my house.
I talked to the security and they allowed us in, with the bike.
My aunt has been good to me and I want to introduce Liam to my aunt.
I led the way inside the house and my aunt was seated with her boyfriend watching a movie.
‘Aunt,’ I called and she faced us.
‘How have you been my daughter?’
‘Fine and you?’
‘Good and why are you dressed like that?’
‘Nothing, meet Liam, Liam meet my sweet aunt and my uncle,’ I said and she smiled.
‘Hey handsome, have a sit,’ she ushered him to sit.
‘Darling get our visitor something to drink,’ she said and I went to get glasses of juice.
‘Take the visitor to your room and make him comfortable, I’ll prepare dinner,’ she said and they walked to the kitchen with her boyfriend.
If they really love each other, I think they should get married.

Liam’s POV
She opened the door to her room and I must confess it’s beautiful.
‘You can sit there, feel comfortable while I take a shower. There is a fridge there, take anything,’ she said pointing at the fridge.
I hadn’t seen it before.
‘You can also watch anything, ain’t a fan of movies but I have some,’
After she left I took a good look at the room. It had photos of her.
Nicole’s POV
I took my bag only to realize I left the clothe I picked on the bed.
I sat in the Jacuzzi thinking of what to do.
I started feeling cold, I got out, tied the towel around my body and stood near the door.
‘Liam, can you hand me the dress on the bed, please,’ I begged stretching my hand out.
I was already trembling, due to cold.
I heard him laugh.
‘Just come and pick, I won’t do anything stupid,’ he said.
‘What! Just hand me please, I beg you,’ I said but didn’t hear any movements.
I looked around the bathroom and spotted a dress.
I left a dress here in the morning.
I put it on smiling and left the bathroom.
‘I’m all dressed,’ I pouted and he rolled his eyes like a girl.
‘You have a sweet aunt, she brought some cookies,’
‘She was always sweet but since her boyfriend came she is more sweet,’
‘Then let’s say, he brought out the best in her,’
‘I guess so,’
‘I don’t see any movie here, let’s race,’
‘I’m terrible at that, let me show you around the compound,’ I said and put on my slippers.
I opened the other door in my room.
It leads to the garden without interrupting those cooking.
Liam’s POV
We walked down the stairs and she opened another door that led outside.
The garden was beautiful with different kinds if flowers.
There were two wooden chairs facing each other and a round table in the middle of them.
We walked to the other side and there was a swimming pool.
‘Most of my time I used to spend in this garden, until I met you,’ she said and I raised my brow.
‘Ever since my mom died and dad left, most of the time I spent crying here. I felt horrible. I loved my dad and he was my mentor, I always looked up to him and when he left I felt broken. My aunt tried and even though she’s strict, she loves me. She helped me join modelling, that was always my desire and it has helped me move on,’ she said and I felt her pain.
My mom left us when I was ten and got married. I have never set my eyes on her. Laureen was three years and I have basically raised her.
I don’t even know if I can welcome her back in my life, if she happens to come.

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