August 3, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 12

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The V Stripper.

Episode 12

^Stone ^

What do I do now? How can I just give out this money this? Not like the money is not big deal to me but I do not see myself giving my money out just for having one n!ght stand with an ordinary sl-ut.

My phone buzzed at that moment and I picked it

“You have just twelve hours left.” I knew at once that it’s Jennifer.

“Why are you threatening me , young lady?”

She chukled. ” Old man ,don’t try to play games with me.”

“So you think you are smart, right?”

“I do not think so , I know so. “

“Fine , be expecting your money then ” I hung up angrily.

I need to show this lady what I’m truly made of. I dialed one of my boy’s number and ordered him to meet me at my home.

Few moments later , he entered and sat at the living room.

I had being sitting there waiting for him also.

“Good morning, boss.” He greeted.

“The Job is quiet simple. I need you to kidnap a girl for me. She’s very smart and you need to be smart about it too ” I said and he laughed.

“I don’t care how smart she is boss , just give me her details.” He said and and I handed over the details of Jennie to him.

“I’ll get back to you, sir.” He said and walked out.

“Good! She needs to know that no one dares me.

Ten hours later.

My boy walked in with a lady, I took a good luck at her and find out that she is not Jennie.

” Who is this? “

“Her sister! The girl really played smart as you said but I was able to get her sister “

“Fine , we should be able to threaten her with her sister , go and confine her in a room.”

“Alright ” he walked away with the girl.

I smiled happily.

I picked up my phone and dialed Jennie’s digit.

“Do you have my sister with you?” She asked before I could even speak.

“Yes ,my dear.” I answered back sarcastically.


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“Keep her safe.” She said to my surprise and hung up.

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