August 1, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 55

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire

Episode 55

^ Melissa ^

“You….slapped me?” She asked.

“I will slap you again if you try absurdity with me.”

She sneered and the door creaked open. Jason must have listened to our conversation from inside.

“What’s going on here?” He inquired and I noticed Suzan looking away.

I related what happened to Jason and he sough.

“What did you want to see ne for , Suzan?” He asked her.

“I was about telling you to tell this girl to leave this house if you really want her to live.” Suzan retorted.

“Oh! Meaning that if she did not leave , you might kill her like you tried to days ago?”

“Of course. This girl never loves you. I Love you Jason and I’ll do anything to stay with you.”

“You did not love me , Suzan. You are only obsessed with me. Remember that this is not what we all wished. You were told once upon a time that I’m the boy they had set for you to marry and you just accepted. What about the boys you met with in high school? How about those in college? What happened to your ex boyfriends cause I’m sure you wouldd have date one or more guys before. Why did you think that if we are not together , you won’t find peace or…if you probably loose me ,another guy might now come. Susan, you are a very beautiful girl and everyone knows that but…I do not love you.”

^ Jason ^

“Whom did you love?” She asked while I only looked into her face without saying a word.

“You love Melissa ,right?” She asked further

“You can say that. Maybe…yeah. But I never loved you ” I said and her face dropped into a sad one.

She walked away sullenly.

“Jason! ” Melissa called my name gently and I remembered how we first met at the hotel.

Very troublesome a girl.

We both walked inside my room.

“So , when are you moving to California?”

“Not anytime soon , though.”


“I do have an idea actually, why can’t we go together. It’s going to be a new life for both of…sorry! I mean for you. “

“That’s a good idea , actually.” I said and she smiled

“Shouldn’t we confirm from the man if he won’t have a problem with me coming with you?”

“Oh! Let me put a call across to him.” Melissa answered and put a call across.

I was kind of nervous as the phone rang. This is actually suppose to be my deal ,my business but the man twisted the deal and made it favor Melissa.

Well, I’ve still got nothing to loose , though. We had agreed that she’s giving me all the profit she makes.

“Hello sir!” She greeted the man.

She placed the phone on loud speaker so I can listen to the conversation.

“It’s cool if I come with Jason, right?”

“Of course not. We concluded that Jason might be a distraction to you now. But you do not have to worry , he can come over to join you after six months. We should have being able to lay a successful foundation for the business in six months. It’s just a sacrifice for the business. Hope you understand Miss Melissa?”

“Trying to sir , but…I do not think he would be a distraction.”

“Sure , that would be the thought of any girlfriend in love with his boyfriend. But we have concluded it already and it’s kind of a must. Need to take this coffee. See you some other time ” the man hung up.

Melissa dropped the call and cursed under her breath.

“Why is this man just setting rules like he owns the business alone.” She mumbled.

“I would do that if I were the one too. Business takes serius concentration ,trust me. He won’t want to allow any silly mistake to happen. He knows what he is doing ” I said.

Melissa sighed and let her eyes closed.

“I’m not leaving Jason , I must help you get rid of this Suzan first.” She said and walked away.

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