August 1, 2021

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Billionaire Boys. Episode 12

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Billionaire Boys ????

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 12

Ivy’s POV

That was where the first diary ended. Omg! I stood feeling so sorry for Ethan

Like seriously? That bitch of a girl infected him with human immunodeficiency virus. How in the world could she be so heartless

I guess this is the real reason why he hates ladies this much. But I still haven’t found out the fate of my sister. What killed her or isn’t she dead ?

There are two more diaries , I’ve got many secretes to explore , I’ve gat no time really

I stood up, stretched myself and walked out of my room . I find my way while tip toeing to that room that the diary is

I got to the entrance and I heard some sound, I know at once that someone is inside, I peeped gently and I saw Evan searching vigorously for whatever

I was scared but I must know what he’s searching for. I brought my head back and peeped again, he is holding two diaries in his hand but eye searching seriously for the last one.

Seems he knows they are three. Oh my! He may suspect me now and probably come to my room

Firstly, what did he need the diaries for ? Well, I’ve gotta be smart. I tip toed back to my room and I brought out the first diary with me

My missions are simple now , I need to know where the the other two diaries are kept and I need to keep this very one with me safe

I held it firm and walked to the backyard, I dipped it amidst the flowers and hope that no one saw me

I stared around to confirm that no one was stalking or watching me . I didn’t notice anyone so I walked back inside

I saw Evan coming towards the hall way approaching me

“Hi ” He greeted

“Hi sir” I retorted

“Wanna check your room for something ” He said

“My room? Okay sir ” I said and he shot me a stern glance and walked inside my room

My heart was beating faster and I was hoping that whatever is connected with the diary will not be found in my room

He searched every hooks and crannies of the room while I watched , then he walked outside

Evan must be up to something , why in the world did he want all this diaries

I turned and began to stalk him gently in a way that he wouldn’t suspect.

He walked to the backyard of the house and went towards where the furnace is

Omg! He’s about to destroy the two diaries , but why ? I’m discovering secretes already and I do not even need to ask them much questions cus the diary is satisfying my curiously already

Then there should be something special about the diaries

“Hey brother” I heard Ethan’s voice. He was stepping down from the stairs that leads to the backyard

Evan who was about throwing the two diaries inside the furnace turned quickly towards the direction that Ethan was coming from and hide the diaries behind him

“What are you doing with the furnace ?” Ethan asked

“Just … Erm.. Tryna check …erm ” Evan stuttered

“Never mind , I just wanna come have some fun here and also check the level of the furnace ” Ethan said as he walked closer to the furnace examining it

Evan is seriously feeling uncomfortable , he was just turning around trying all his best to hide the diaries

He watched his brother and noticed his brother was focused on the furnace, he quickly threw the diaries into the flowers , the same place I’d kept the first diary

Ethan excused himself from Evan and I quickly ran to my room to hide. After a while, I walked back to the backyard and I didn’t see anyone there again

Good! I just hope he is not watching. And I hope he hasn’t taken the diaries he threw inside the flowers too

I ran towards the flower , searched for it and saw the two diaries , I hurriedly picked it before I get caught and ran to my room

Oh! The first one is still there. Well, I’d read it and moreso I can’t risk going back there again, he may catch me

I stood and closed my door very well then took the next diary and opened the first page

Ethan’s POV in Diary

Two years ago

I was moaning in pain , since last year that I’d being diagnosed of HIV , I’d being on drugs , trying to maintain my health. I know that my days on earth are counted as an HIV patient that I am

I’d stopped hearing from Olivia , I’d tried to forget her but a bit of her memories still flashes across my mind a times

The girl that infected me with HIV had also vanished , I did not know where she is again, I went to the beach several times to see if I could see her but I didn’t

I’d lost all hope and even though people see me as a billionaire , I see myself as a dead man , a worthless man

Yeah! I caused it. Dad and Evan had warned me to stay away from love and concentrate on business but I refused

Oh death! Please come so soon.

I was lying on my bed thinking about my life , how I will die , how I’ll be buried in may be next year and be forgotten

Cursed be ladies !

I heard a knock on my door and I stood sluggishly to open it

I twister the knob and it was my brother

“Brother, guess what? ” He said

“Tell me” I requested

“Mum is coming to visit us ” Evan said and I arched my brow

“Like seriously?” I asked happily cus it’s being long I see my mum

“I’m serious , she has called to visit me but she only did that as soon as she arrived in our state , what that meant is that in few hours , she will be here ” Evan said and happiness surge through a part of me

“It’s being many years we saw mum, I’m glad ” I said and went back to my room

Evan left too

I bathed and dressed my best, I did not want my mum to know that anything has gone wrong with me

I walked out afterwards and went to the living room. Just as I sat waiting for mum to arrive, I heard the cracks of the door opening

I turned and saw mum and a lady

I stood happily , ignored the lady and gave my mum the tightest hug ever

“Mum! I miss you” I said almost crying

“Same here Ethan”she replied

Evan approached us

” welcome mum” he said from a distance and my mum walked closer to him

“How are you doing?” My mum asked

“Fine, come and sit ” He said and my mum obliged

Everyone sat including the strange lady and we were discussing and gist-ing for hours

We had even forgotten that a stranger is in our midst cus we were discussing some personal family issues

It’s really fun having mum around, since the announcement of the text at the hospital , I had not smiled nor laughed

But now, mum is not just making me smile but also laugh. Who in the world can ever be like a mother ?

We all laughed after a family occurrence that my mum narrated and we all went silent , we had discussed almost all we had in our mind and we waiting for who to bring the next gist

“Ethan” my mum called and I focused my attention on her with a happy expression on my face

I wish I can tell her about my horrible situations but that will only worsen the case cus I can’t stand her feeling sad, she will feel devastated and I did not want that for her

It’s a mistake and I’ll bear the pain alone

“Did you see this girl beside me, did you think she’s pretty?” My mum asked and I examined the lady

She’s really beautiful but I don’t wanna compliment ladies again

“She’s okay” I replied

“I’m not trying to force you to do anything or intrude in any area of your life but I reasoned that you have not really had a girlfriend , can you consider her?” My mum asked

“Mum! Who does that. In this generation , I’m matured enough to choose for myself ” I said

“Your father has already colonized your mindset that you shouldn’t fall in Love and I know you trust him, I’m so sure that you haven’t got a girlfriend yet, why not give it a try, I’m sure it won’t affect your business ” My mother said

We are getting to what makes him kill his mother and hate ladies with passion

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