July 26, 2021

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Billionaire Boys. Episode 13

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Billionaire Boys ????

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 13

Ivy’s POV

Isn’t what I’m about to read the reason why they really killed their mother and ended up having serious hatred for ladies

I turned to the next page of the diary and it reads

Ethan’s POV in diary

“Mum, what are you insinuating?” I asked bluntly

“Consider this girl please , she’s beautiful and good, just check her out” My mum said and I smirked

In my life, I do not want to have anything to do with ladies but I guess I’m stuck here. I wanna act like an obedient and respected child that I am

“Mum, I’ll ” I promised

“That’s dear ” She said and faced Evan

“Evan, when are you gonna have a girlfriend too?” My mum asked and Evan chuckled

“Kinda funny ! I’m not ready for love. Not after what happened to… Never mind. I don’t wanna have any issues with ladies ” Evan said

Like seriously, seems Evan is just courageous and smarter than me. Who in the world is suppose to be making this confessions

I’m not even suppose to near ladies or whatever looks like them, now I’m stuck with my mum’s request and I can’t help it

I love and respect mum more than Evan does. Evan may like my mum but not as much as I do

That explains why he didn’t bother hugging my mom after many years of seeing her.

He could talk to her bluntly cus of the less respect she had for her unlike me that wouldn’t Want to do anything that will make my mum feel disrespected

“Alright” My mum said and walked inside with the lady

Late at night !

I lay on my bed thinking about the lady my mom brought. I have no feelings for her presently but I hope I do not end up having feelings for her

I wanna stay off lady and I’d truly being good at that . But now that mum came with another lady, I’m stuck here . I just gotta be careful

I sighed
I heard a knock on my door , my hearts beats in fear of whoever it may be.

I removed the duvet from my body and threw my legs to the floor. I stood and went towards the door imagining who it may be

I twisted the knob and the door gave way. It’s the new girl that came with my mum

I couldn’t shout or rebuke her for coming to my place at an hour like this cus I respect my mum

My mum is the reason why I’m helpless before her .

“How may I help you please ?” I asked and she walked in as if it’s her room

I left the door open and turned , watching her with surprise

“Did you need anything?” I asked politely

The real me feels like shouting and insulting her out of my room but I had to keep calm cus of the respect I had for my mum

“This place is such a sweet place. ” She said and she gazed around the room

“Adorable!” She exclaimed and walked closer to me seductively

” I’m laura ” She said and moved very close to me

“I guess you like my name” she said seductively

“Maybe ” I replied not feeling comfortable

“Humn” she said and started running her hands down my chest

“Excuse me ” I said and took two steps away

“I’m not tryna have sex with you sir. Mum told me a lot about you but I still didn’t have any feelings about you , but when I saw you, your handsomeness get to my head and its driving me crazy , Sir, I must confess that I love u so much” Laura said and I grunted

“I did not love you” I told her bluntly

“Humn! ” She hummed painfully and walked to my bed

she lay on it like it’s hers and covered herself with a duvet

What the hell is wrong with this girl, she even went to sleep like the bed and duvet is hers

What am I gonna do to avoid this girl now or I report to my mom

And she’s even talking about having sex with me , I guess she didn’t know that I am HIV positively

Oh! I’ve got an idea. I can scare her away with that. I’m just gonna tell her my HIV status and I’m sure she will run away

I walked closer to where she lay

“I’m HIV positive and you can contact the disease easily in this room cus my blood had mixed with many if my stuffs here ” I said and she hurriedly sat upright

“You joking right?” She asked and I went to bring the result of my HIV status and showed it to her

“But don’t tell mum” I quickly added

“I won’t …but… I thought I heard you have never had a girlfriend , how come?” I asked

“Long story dear” I said not willing to explain all that made me contact the disease then

“Sorry” She said and stood from my bed and left

I exhaled happily

I’m sure she wouldn’t disturb me again. And that girlfriend of a thing my mum is taking about will not work now cus no sensible person will be willing to be in a relationship with an HIV patient

I slept off

Following day ????

I woke up , dressed my best and went to dinner to eat

I sat waiting for my mum and my brother but I didn’t see any

I’m really hungry so I ate the food hoping that I’ll apologize to them whenever they come around to eat

I have no idea what happened while I was eating , guess I lost consciousness

I opened my eyes and saw myself in another room

What’s going on here ?

A man entered the room I am and leaned on the wall

“Hello Ethan” He greeted and I turned at him

I have no idea who he is

He pressed a button in the remote he is holding and the blank televising start displaying

“Hello Ethan. Your HIV status can infect Evan , infect us and spread all over , to Curb that, we had to do what we think is right. We brought you to that house you are presently so you can be confined there till you die , We all know your time is limited and you’ve got probably less than six months to live . There are many HIV positive patient where you are. Make friends there and keep having fun with them ” My mother said and the TV went blank again

I can’t believe what I’d just seen and heard . Two men in uniform walked in and try to inject me

“What’s that for?” i asked and took few steps away from them

“This injection will make you die early, your mother suggested we give you” One of them said

“I’m not interested ” I said

“Seems you don’t get, you have no choice here, we decide for you ” They said and charged towards me

Held me by my shoulder’s , hands and legs and I got injected

“In the next three weeks , you should die ” One of the men in uniform said , patted my shoulder and walked away with his partner

The man leaning on the wall also left

“My mum want me dead in three weeks just because Laura told her that I’m HIV positive despite the fact that I Loved her so much . Is it in the nature of all ladies to hurt ?


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