August 2, 2021

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Billionaire Boys. Episode 16

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Billionaire Boys ????

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 16

Ivy’s POV

Wow, wow and wow!

Interesting , so Ethan finds another girl but where in the world is that girl now ? They’ve broken up right?
But …

I stood from the chair I sat reading theq diary and walked around meditating on what I’d just read

How in the world did that lady know about Ethan’s deepest secrete, that’s too blunt , She seems to know his deepest secrete , who told her cus Ethan believed that it’s some divinity

Which divinity ? She must have being told my someone , oh my days! I just pray I find answers

Hummn …so Ethan find Love again, isn’t this the third lady now ? Interesting …

I can’t wait to find out as many as possible in these diaries , I went to where I’d being reading the diary and I heard a loud Knock on my door

It’s forceful and it looks like the person is angry, that should be Evan. He probably had found out about the diary , oh my!

Where in the world do I keep this diary now ? I hurriedly took those two diaries thinking swiftly with tension all over me for where to keep it as the door keeps getting banged like it will be broken if I refuse to open it anytime from now

I walked to the toilet and placed the two diaries inside the water closet and closed it

I walked out praying in my heart that he won’t for any reason check the toilet , but what if the person happens not to be Evan, what if it is Ethan who is about to kill me just like he killed his own mother by throwing her inside the furnace

I fearfully went towards the door and twisted the knob

It’s Evan. My heart beats heavily but slowly against my rib cage like I’ll faint anytime soon

I had to compress the fear cus the look on Evan’s face alone is killing

“Where are the diaries ?” He asked in a strong tone

“I do not have any diary with me sir ” I replied

“You wanna die , I’ve gat no energy to stress myself to search, you are my closest and only suspect , where are the diaries ?” He asked with a strong face

“I have no idea what or where diaries are ” I lied again

He dipped his hand inside his pocket and stretched the gun to my forehead

“Where are the diaries ?” He asked and I blinked my eye in fear hesitating to talk

I heard the cock and I opened my mouth to quickly confess but he had hit me before I know what is happening

I lost consciousness

I opened my eye and saw myself lay on my bed , I turned my head and saw Evan sitting on a stool beside the bed

“I couldn’t find the diaries , guess you ain’t the one that picked it ” He said and I sighed as I took my face away

I guess he has searched every hooks and crannies of my room while I lost consciousness but he can’t find any

“Or you probably kept it somewhere hidden , maybe it’s you or not , I can’t say. … But I’ll find the diaries” He said softly into my ears and walked away

I touched my head and saw that it had being plastered , I was feeling a little pain there

I went to the mirror and checked my self and saw the real image of the head

I walked to the toilet and opened the closet. I saw the diaries

I exhaled happily and closed it. I went to my door and ensured I closed the door well , I went to the toilet and brought out the wet diaries and spread it on my table ready to read

I opened to the page I stopped and it reads ;

Ethan’s POV in Diary

I shouldn’t trust easily . Yeah! I shouldn’t even love , but all ladies are not the same . It might be that those I’d met are the wicked ones

Nadia knows almost everything about me, I guess she’s sent like she said and I love her pretty face

I shouldn’t start developing feeling towards her so soon but her words touched me. She seems to know me more than I know myself

Evan , Nadia and I drove home , Nadia wasn’t speaking with Evan neither was Evan speaking with her. They were not even giving themselves faces , I have no idea why?

We all stepped down from the car as soon as we get home and I was force to speak

“Nadia, why aren’t you speaking to my brother ?” I asked her and she looked into my face

She walked closer to me and rubbed me by my chest

“I’m here for you not for anyone ” She said softly

“But you still have to be cool with my brother , he’s my first family and I love and trust him first” I said and she smirked

She turned at Evan and faced me

“We’ve always being cool just that I’m getting to meet him physically, Hi Evan ” She said and took my by my wrist as we walked inside

What in the world did she mean by they’ve always being cool? Hope she’s not proud cus I can’t stand her disrespecting my brother

She walked me to the sitting room and we both sat.

“I guess I’ve gotta give you guys some privacy”Evan said and excused us

” I’m so sorry for all what you had gone through, I promise to heal your broken heart ” Nadia said and I nodded forcing a smile to my face

“but I think we should make this legal” She said

“I don’t get” I replied

“I mean girls are hurting you cus there is nothing legal always binding you guys together” I said

“What do you suggest” I said

“For us to have a lasting relationship, let’s make a formal agreement before the court of law that we won’t forsake each other for any reason and that whoever forsake should face the punishment of the law” She said

“We are not yet legally married , even if we make a document , sign it , agreeing that we won’t break up with each other under any circumstance, that is more of a vow cus if we go against our agreement , there is no law that states that we must be punished ” I said knowledgeably and she smiled

“We gonna create a punishment for ourselves” She said

“And what will that be?” I asked

“If you break the agreement, all your wealth will be will to me and If I break the law, all my wealth will be willed to you” Nadia said

“Sorry? You did not have much wealth as much as I do” I said

“Are you planning on breaking up?” She asked

“Of course not…just that the punishment on your side is lesser compared to mine, a punishment should be fair under the law ” I said

“Deal or no deal? Remember I’ll be standing by your side and make the rest of your days a memorable one , cus I really loved you Ethan, even before I met you” She said and walked closer to me

She sat by my side , very close to me.

“Deal ?” She asked and I thought for a while

Her presence beside me can’t even make me think straight , I was trying to think but my thought was blank

“Deal” I agreed and she smiled and hugged me

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