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Billionaire Boys. Episode 17

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Billionaire Boys ????

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 17

Ivy’s POV

Who in the world makes that kinda unfair deal? But Ethan trust easily, common! And he’s a male , how in the world will you trust this girl easily despite your past experiences ?

Well, he already said it that ‘maybe all ladies are not the same’ nevertheless, if the lady truly loves him, if he insist on not making the deal , their love life should still continue

The only thing that bothers me now is how the lady knows his past. I guess I may not even find the answer to that in this diary

I turned to the door and prayed in my heart that Evan will not come back in search of the diaries cus he has vowed to find it

I closed the second diary cus I’m done reading it and picked the third diary to read

I opened to the first page of the last diary and it reads ;

Ethan’s POV in Dairy

A year ago

There is nothing as beautiful as staying with someone that really understands you. Nadia is this kinda person that shows me love and understands me very well.

She cooks for me and play games with me, she treats me more like a baby compared to a husband

She had advised me about my HIV status , she didn’t lure me into s** nor ask for it as if she knows that I ain’t a sx freak

For a singular reason, I can’t fathom why I had no interest in s## , I should have followed my preference and not have sz with the girl that infected me with HIV

Nadia and I goes to Cinema and all other fun filled places together , two months had passed and I’d finally trusted her and developed secrete feelings for her

She had confessed to me several times that she loves me but I’d not being able to retort cus the word is sort of heavy in my mouth and that’s because I’d not trusted her yet not to talk of loving her

But at this junction , I’d trusted her fully

We had just returned from an event , it was such as Hilarious event, we were mesmerizing on the events and laughing in between

“Nadia , I wanna confess something to you” I said in the middle of our conversation

“Tell me?” She asked smiling

“I love you” I confessed and she giggled immediately like someone blushing

She bowed her head and raised it at me

“When did you finally fall in Love with me?” She asked

“Can’t say precisely, but you happy now that I can confess right?” I asked

She smirked without replying and looked into my face expressionlessly

“Thanks for loving me” She said and I smiled

I do not know why I confessed that , maybe I should have kept it to myself cus ever since I confessed my feeling to Nadia , she start misbehaving

She changed drastically , she start hurting me by refusing to talk to me in the house , she goes out at night and comes back in the morning wearing a sexy cloth that reveals a larger part of her private parts

When I ask about her whereabout , she’s gonna ignore and walk inside her room

At some point, I couldn’t stand it again, so I informed my brother

“I have no idea why Nadia is misbehaving ” I said

” I know its hurting you so bad , why not break up with her ?” Evan asked

“I can’t , we made an agreement and we backed it up with the law, more so, I’d fallen in Love with her” I replied

“There is no punishment under the law for those that are not legally married if they break up” Evan replied

“Sure , we created a punishment for ourselves and we sealed it with our signatures ” I replied

“What’s the punishment?” Evan asked

I sighed and looked away , then turned at him

“Kinda stupid , whoever breaks up will loose his wealth to the other ” I said

“Tell me this is just a joke ? You mean , if you break up now , you gonna loose all your wealth to her ?” Evan asked and I nodded

Evan bowed his head for a while and finally raised it

“Let’s talk to her together” Evan said and booked a section where we were all present

“Nadia , you are beginning to hurt Ethan with your acts , I thought you said you love him ” Evan said inquisitively

” I must tell you that I’m tired of this relationship and the only thing keeping me is our agreement , Ethan is too boring for a boyfriend ” Nadia stated

“You can make him lively and I guess you have really played a positive role in my brothers life , I do not want him to spend the remaining days of his life in agony, please , start being good to him like before ” Evan pleaded

“Nadia , did I offend you in anyway , we have being into this thing for two months ” I asked

She shook her head and stood.

“I’ve got nothing more to say to you guys. I’ve got a better and interesting life to live outside there not the boring one with Ethan , but I’m stuck cus of some crazy agreement. Damn it !” She said and cursed under her breathe as she walks away

I bowed my head and cried , is the fault really from me ? Are girls treating me this way cus I’m the boring type

“Nevertheless, breaking up with her is never an option , I can’t just loose all my wealth cus of my foolish decisions

I walked to my room sluggishly

Days passed and Nadia didn’t change from her promiscuous attitude , infact, it increased

Until I was about to eat one day , all this while she never stopped cooking for me

Evan and I sat at the dinning table and she served us and walked away

” come back” Evan called and Nadia turned and walked back to where we sat

“Your facial expression is making me suspect you” Evan said

“Sorry?” She asked

Evan stood up without saying a word and went inside , he came back with a coloured litmus paper and placed it inside his food to check if the food is poisoned but the litmus paper didn’t change color , then he placed it in mine and it instantly changed color

“Oh my !” I exclaimed fearfully as soon as I discovered that Nadia had poisoned the food I’m about to eat

I shot her a questioning look and she expressed fear instantly

“You wanna kill me ?” I yelled and she took few steps back in fear

I stood and Evan did the same

“You wanna kill my brother , why? ” Evan asked

“I’m sorry ” She pleaded

“Sorry!” I exclaimed

“Ethan , you know what to do, this girl may end up doing something worse ” Evan advised

Jeez! Once I break up with this bitch , I loose all my wealth to her

I thought slowly and painfully, how can someone that I just started loving be willing to kill me , just cus of what?

It saddens my heart and my heart bleeds painfully. It hurts so bad seeing someone you love treating you bad.

I fought tears from falling from my eyes and called my lawyer immediately

“I’m not scared of loosing all my wealth , after all , I would have died and all my wealth would have being gone , thanks to my brother, just that I so much pity ladies and their kinds , I pity females and whatsoever is associated with them cus from today henceforth, ladies must die by my hands , I’ll kill all ladies on earth with my bare hands , I’ll build my wealth again, I’ll pay scientist to help me create a technology that can help me assemble all ladies in one place , I will blow them up with a bomb.

All ladies are indeed a snake , their venom is a poison to human race , they come as sheep but they are wolves , I, Ethan must destroy all ladies on earth

My lawyer brought out the agreed document and I announce before him that I’m breaking up with Nadia officially while he recorded my voice.

After few weeks , he informed me that following all legal processes , all my wealth had being willed to Nadia

All my real estate investment , my houses ,my cars , my personal game company and all the money in my bank account

I smiled like someone that is crazy as soon as the lawyer hung up

“Ladies , here I come ” I speak to myself and laughed like a mad person

Everything is gone

Health… Taken by ladies
Wealth ….Taken by ladies
Heart…. Broke permanently by ladies

I laughed cus to me, I’d loosed all and I’m just an empty vessel , my family will scorn me and society will mock me

I’m ready to go through the shame and embarrassment but ladies …. Ha ha ha ….ladies …. Females…. Ha ha ha …here I come

I ran into my room and searched for my gun

I held it and smiled , I have a gun cus I have legal license to it. I kissed my gun and imagine the number of ladies I’ll kill with my bare hands

I walked outside the house and drove off to school In search of the coordinator of the get together the senior classes did then

I met him and requested for where Nadia lives , he described where she lies for me and I thanked him

But…I think Nadia is just a random girl he picked , how come he knows where Nadia lives ?

I have no precious time to think about that sh*t now , I drove to Nadia’s house and I entered

Thank goodness , the door was wide open as Nadia and her four friends who were ladies were dancing to a music being played

I laughed like a mad person and they all stopped as soon as they noticed me

Nadia paused the music and walked closer to where I am

“What did you want? We have broken up legally, remember ?” She said while other girls watched

I looked into her face and saw betrayal , I saw a wicked race

“Cursed be ladies” I yelled to the top of my voice and shot Nadia to death

“For their breeds are not suppose to be found on earth” I replied and walked towards the four other girls

I could see fear in their face

“Cursed be ladies …cursed be ladies …cursed be ladies …cursed be ladies ” I yelled as I shot the four girls

I knelt to the floor and cried on seeing them dead. Flashback of all that ladies had done for me rushed through my mind and I stood up strongly

I walked out and entered my car

“I must kill all ladies . Now , Olivia , Alexia …here I come , I’ll kill you and your mothers and any female in your house …I have no regret anymore for killing my own mother cus the breeds of ladies are not to be found on earth

I drove in anger and great fury out of the house ????

???????? I’ll kill all ladies on earth, I must kill all ladies on earth

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