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Billionaire Boys. Episode 18

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Billionaire Boys. Episode 17

Billionaire Boys ????

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 18

Ivy’s POV

I turned to the next page of the diary and I found out that it’s blank

I opened other pages and realized it’s blank too.

Guess I’m done here? I’ve finished reading the three diaries. I picked the two diaries ready to put it in the flower back while hoping that I will not get caught

I walked out of the house and eye searched around but I didn’t notice anyone , I went to the flower and dipped the diaries there

I tip toed fearfully inside my room . I exhales happily as soon as I get to my room then I heard a knock

Jeez! He saw me right? I’m dead. I was so scared that I’d almost fainted before going to open the door

The knock on the door became violent and I quickly ran to open it

It’s Evan

“I need you to leave this room right now , I promise you I’ll find the diary right? I’ve checked all possible places that the diary could be , I can’t find it , you are the only suspect left ” He said and I left the room for him maintaining an innocent look on my face

I walked to the sitting room and sat , I’m so sure he can’t find the diaries in my room, he came at the wrong time

Flashback ????????

Author Feather’s POV

“Immediately after I’m dead, I willingly declare that all my wealth should be given to Ethan and Evan under one condition. The condition is that they must be responsible. By responsible I meant that they must either have a girlfriend or a wive , should in any case , either for personal reasons or other factors ,they chose to be irresponsible , my wealth should be willed to charity ”
Those were the words in the document that Evan was holding.

Evan had asked his father’s lawyer about the will his father had written. Even though it was against the law for the lawyer to disclose his father’s will to anyone . He disclosed it cus he was bribed by Evan

Evan read through the documents and determined that he’s gonna fall in Love with a suitable lady after the death of his father so he can have a share of the wealth of his father

He reasoned that he might move to the top three richest men in America if his father’s wealth got added to his

He wished that all his father’s wealth is suppose to be his, he then purposed in his heart to ensure that his brother has a deep hatred for ladies

He made Olivia betrayed Ethan, he threatened her that she must do as he commands or may end up killing her and so Olivia out of fear, obliged

He also lias with Alexia , and Nadia , he was behind all the terrible experiences that has happened to Ethan

Ethan is not HIV positive , it was an agreement between Evan and the doctor.

His plan is simple , he wants Ethan to dislike ladies and its kind so all the wealth of his father can be willed to him


Author Feather’s POV

Ivy helped the B Boys passed their exams , Ethan purposed in his heart to kill Ivy as soon as they get home that very day

Ethan killed Alexi and Olivia with his gun after which Evan made him loose a part of his memory

He pointed the gun towards Ivy ready to kill her when Olivia’s memory flashes across his mind

He suddenly noticed that Ivy had the same face with that of Olivia

“I killed you…yes , I do…” Ethan confessed and took few steps back

“You killed my sister for real ” Ivy said and walked closer to Ethan

“We are twin , you killed my sister Olivia , why not kill me now? ” ivy asked

Ethan watched ivy and bowed his head

“You sister betrayed me ..not only did I kill her , I killed my other two ex girlfriends and my mother ” Ethan said and handed over his gun to Ivy

Ivy snatched it from him and pointed it towards him
“You killed my sister and I’ll love to kill you too ” Ivy said

“I know , I’m HIV Positive , my wealth is gone , I’m only surviving on my brother’s wealth, I’d killed , I do not deserve to live on earth. Kill me ” Ethan said and knelt to the floor with his head bowed

“I will, I must kill you to appease the spirit of my sister ” Ivy said and cocked the gun

“Any final word before I take revenge for my sister ?” Ivy asked

Ethan raised his head

“I am a useless man , a foolish man that can not control what his heart chooses. I Love you” Ethan said looking into Ivy’s eye

The gun in Ivys hand shook and her body quivers

Ivy’s POV

For real? How is that possible ? Girls had battered him so much , why in the world will he be in Love again

Who tells him that i won’t betray him like other girls

Oh! He already said he can’t control what his heart chooses which implies that his heart choose me

“I love you too ” I said to Ethan and he arched his brow

I’d always loved him from the very first time I met him, the more he hates me is the more I like him

I pulled Ethan up and hugged him. He had no idea that I’d learnt everything about him in his dairies

“All ladies are … ” Ethan tried to say but I interrupted

” not the same. You have met with the cruel ones , I’ll heal your heart and be a blessing to you” I said and he nodded and hugged me

We disengaged and I went inside my room.

Why in the world is Evan looking for the diaries?

A thought dropped to my heart and I walked out of my room to Evan’s room

I twisted the knob of his door hoping not to see him but also planned that if he sees me , I’ll meet him for an apology

But I’m so sure he can’t be in his room at that time , I just pray that he wouldn’t catch me inside.

I searched his room and found a diary, I brought the diary to my room and read everything there

Oh my! I found out many secretes that I couldn’t find out in Ethan’s diary. He was the one that lured some men to force his mother to speak that she is behind the confinement of Ethan cus he was HIV positive

No wonder , the innocent woman wanted to explain, but the hot tempered Ethan wouldn’t listen

I called Ethan to a private place in the house and gave him Evan’s diary to read

He rejected at first claiming he did not want to intrude into the privacy of his brother but I convinced him too

He read for himself and found out that his brother is the one behind all what the ladies had being doing to him, from Olivia to Alexia to Nadia

He felt so bad and broken . He sunk to his knees in tears and cried so hard

“I’d killed innocent people, even my own mother ” He lamented and I watched

He had found out that he isn’t HIV positive , that explains why he didn’t die at the time they expected him to die

He had really faced a lot, but his brother is behind all

He raised his head at me sullenly

“My brother betrayed me cus of my father’s wealth , what am I suppose to do to him?” He asked

“Let him know that you’ve found out the secrete by telling him you’ve read his dairy ” I said and Ethan stormed out angrily

Oh my!

What’s about to happen between the two brothers now ?

I followed

I watched as Ethan stood before Evan who was dressed in suit probably going out , I wonder where he is going without informing his brother

“Brother , I’d read your diary . You made all those ladies betrayed me just so I can hate them. I trusted you, I Loved you , just cus of Father’s wealth, you did everything to ensure that I hate ladies even though it didn’t work cus I’d fallen in Love with Ivy even before I realizes that you were the one behind all that is happening to me ” Ethan said painfully

Evan hurriedly dipped his hand inside his pocket and brought out a gun and stretched it at Ethan

“You’ve made my life miserable for many years and now you want to kill me ” Ethan said pathetically

Evan is obviously confused . He didn’t know if he’s to apologize or not , he’s scared that his apology will never be accepted by Ethan

Even though he stretched the gun at Ethan, we all know the love he had for Ethan will never make him shoot. He’s just being covetous and greedy. He wants all for himself

“Brother , please forgive me, I’ll return your wealth to you and do the right thing but please don’t touch Ivy. I mean I fell in Love with Ivy first but since Father is feeble now and I know he will die soon, I want him to die first before I confess my feelings for Ivy and make her my girlfriend ” Evan said and dropped his hand

“Brother , you already made three years of my life a miserable one, you made me kill my own mother too , Ivy belongs to me not you” Ethan said

“I Love you ” Evan said to me

” I can’t recognize you guys cus you twin, one thing I’m sure of is that my heart does not belong to you sir ” I replied Evan and his face dropped

“Ethan is the one I love ” I said

“Ethan, will you give Ivy to me?” Evan asked

“No, Your plan to make me hate ladies so all my father’s wealth can be willed to you didn’t work” Ethan said

“Ivy, remembered he killed your sister ?” Evan said

“I know , he even killed his own mother, so what? ” I asked and Evan took few steps back

“I can’t stand staying here and watching you guys fall in Love. My Love for Ivy is so deep but she’s in love with you already and I can’t help it ” Evan said and cried

He walked in and came back with his luggage

“Bye ” He said and we all watched as he left

“What of your wealth that Nadia took, how will you get it back?” I asked

“He has everything in his custody cus he’s the master planner of everything ” Ethan replied

“What if he plans something horrible to you ?” I asked

“He loves me , he’s just being greedy and covetous ” Ethan replied and I reasoned with him

Ethan and I started having fun in the house , I’m happy Evan left cus identifying the two of them in the house will be very difficult for me

After few hours , While I was cooking , Ethan was behind me discussing happily with me , We both served ourselves to eat when we received a call

Ethan told me what the call was all about and we left our food and drove straight to the hospital

It’s Evan , he had an accident , and it was later explained to us that it affected his spinal cord

After a week of being operated on , spending million of dollars just so Evan could stand up but he couldn’t

On the day he was brought out of the theatre room , Ethan cried the hell out of his eye when he saw his brother confined to a wheel chair

“Ethan, I’m sorry for all that I’d done to you. This is a worst experience for me , but I guess it happened cus of what I’d done ” Evan said

“No, I should be the one to punish you myself but I chose not to, you should have concentrated when driving and not be reckless ” Ethan said and cried again

After three months , my six months was completed. I’d developed a solid relationship with Ethan . His heart is healed but not perfectly cus innocent people that he has killed still hunts his heart

But seeing me makes him happy , Evan got confined to wheel chair without any hope of standing to walk again

I returned to school, I was given my certificate and I victoriously went home to inform mom

I became a great nurse afterwards , Ethan created a big hospital for me

Ethan’s Father’s wealth was distributed equally to Ethan and Evan

As years pass , Ethan and I grew and we got engaged , got married and have all the fun of our lives

Billionaire Boys. Episode 17

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