June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 145

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He And Her V.

Episodd 145

^ Grace ^

Five days later!

I was discharged from the hospital,though I was still feeling some minor pains but it is nothing compared to the pain I was going through few days ago.

While standing at the entrance of the hospital, I saw one of the bots that works for me parked my car at the garage of the hospital.

My daughter stepped down from the car and ran to where I stood. She hugged me and I groaned slightly in pain cause it hurts my stomach slightly

She had rushed to hug me around my stomach.

“Sorry momma!” She said and I noded.

“How are you doing?”

“Fine , uncle is taking care of me. ” she said referring to the guy at my drivers seat.

“Glad!” I said softly and walked with her to the car.

The driver welcomed me with a smile and drove me home.

On arriving home, I alighted from the car and walked sullenly and sadly inside.

I saw Tucker seated at the living room , he was dressed neatly in blue jeans and white T shirt.

He looked more handsome but sadly , I’m the unlucky girl here. He never loves me and he probably would never do.

“Good afternoon.” I greeted him and he just looked away.

I sunk to the bed with my daughter sleeping beside me.

“Did you hate me this much? I’m just coming from the hospital and. …you…”

“Please ,please. Don’t start again.” Tucker interrupted me. “Excuse me.” He walked out.

Despite the fact that I never lied on him that he stabbed him , he still wouldn’t care for me.

My driver came in as soon as he faded out of sight.

“What’s wrong boss?” He asked.

“We are not on good terms, track where he is heading to and keep me updated ” I ordered

“Alright boss ” He walked out.

I tried to stand and my stomach hurts the more. I bent slightly as I bent.

“Sorry mom.” My daughter whispered.

I nodded and walked inside.

I let myself lay on the floor and allow tears flow from my eye. It hurts so much that Tucker did not love me.

We are once so much in love , he took my flower and promised to marry me.

In a twist of fate ,he lost his memory and forget about me , he forgot about the promise he made.

I cried.

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3 thoughts on “He And Her V. Episode 145

  1. Grace give up and rest your soul. Love is not by force, you have done enough harm than good. Move on and let peace reign.

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