July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 14

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 14

^ Ava ^

I opened my eye after a long period of time , I can not say how many hours it is that I had being laid here.

The last incident that happened was that I placed the sword by the neck of the Prince.

I moaned.

A maid walked in and on seeing me , she placed the wooden tray in her hands on the table and walked out.

I closed my eye and I noticed steps walked in about a minute later.

“Glad you are awake.” I heard prince Dae So’s voice and I opened my eye.

I went to look at him. His looks were intimidating and his hair were the curly one.

He’s really handsome but cruel.

“Bring her!” He commanded the guards behind him and walked out.

I was carried after him and taken to that same field that I had being hours ago

He ordered that they make me sit and I sat by a desk. I was stilll weak and I had just little strength.

What is he up to this time?

“Tie her.” He commanded his guards and I was tied.

About few minutes later, I saw my mom and sister being dragged to where I was.

I tried to stand out of anger but I couldn’t

“Let me be!” I yelled. “Free me.”

Prince Dae So just looked at me and smirked.

“I told you: you will watch your sublings being beaten right before you.” He said and came to me , he brought his face close, directly opposite mine. ” For you to dare put sword by my neck.”

I spat on him angrily and he smirked as he stood and walked away from me.

They made my mom and sister lay to the floor and began to flog them.

I could not withstand it the horrible view I closed my eye with the most terrible tears falling off my face.

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