July 30, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 74

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 74


It was very early the following morning, I had get myself dressed ready to leave to work.

“Blue!” I called on my sister as I approached her room.

She opened her door in few seconds and brought her full self into view.

Her face were still puffed,it’s obvious she was still sleeping.

“Just want to tell you that I’m about leaving.” I said.

“Okay , fine. ” She said and I took steps away from her.

“Hey wait!” She said and I turned. “Would you see the boss’s brother today?”

“I’ll arrange another meeting with the both of you.”

“Are you serious?” She screamed.

“Damn serious.” I said and she danced swiftly.

I smiled and walked out of the house. I headed to the office.

I had arrived at the office at about one minute to eight. 8:AM is the official time of resumption.

I wasn’t really surprised not to see the boss around. His mom is around and for whatever….he might actually arrive late.

Who would sanction him anyways?

About fifty minutes later, the door creeaked open and the boss came into view.

He walked to his seat without saying a word. I stood and went to him.

I lowered my head and said: “welcome , my Lord.”

I tried to leave and he called me back.

“Psycho! Has your psycho gone into another level?”

“I do not know what that meant sir, I only came to greet you.”

“So , you can not greet officially , why greeting me like I’m some old wretched king?”

“I’m sorry , my Lord.” I said intentionally and lowered my head.

“I do not have the appetite to beat the hell out of you today, stop referring to me as your lord, psycho.”

See who’s talking about beating. Has if he had ever laid his hands on me before.

“I will now take my leave, my L…., my boss.” I said and lowered my head still and went to sit.

He shook his head as he sough.

About an hour later, I spoke up. ” Is your brother coming today?”

“Why should he? Plus he’s staying with his mom , seems the woman is sick.”

“Oh! Mom is sick!” I let out pathetically and he looked into my face.

“Is she your mother , why are you pretending like you are so concernedd anout her. Face your work, woman. “

“Of course I’m concerned. I understand that she is a cancerous patient and I can’t imagine what pain she may be going through now.”

“I don’t care. Face your endeavors. “

“Won’t you care if she dies too?”

“I can’t wait for that wicked woman to die, alright?”

“This is horrible!” I mumbled.

But what in the world could the woman had done for him?

“Would you mind telling me what she really did to you that made you loathe her this much?”

He looked at me for a while and abandoned what he was doing.

He stood and came to sit by his desk.

“I’ll tell you.” He said and folded his arms akimbo.

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2 thoughts on “Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 74

  1. Rachael try and bring them both to reconcile b4 she dies. Boss let bygones be bygones. It has happened and there’s nothing u can do about it

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