June 16, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 13 And 14

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Ian’s POV
I sat on my couch drinking my alcohol while checking Nicole’s photos.
Let’s leave Megan’s drama, this girl is beautiful and I must get her.
I always get everything I want and that includes her.
If she doesn’t come willingly, I’ll use force.
She doesn’t even talk to me, I guess I need to kidnap her then elope.
‘Ian Marry’s Nicole’
Isn’t that amazing.
Nicole’s POV
We walked to the swimming pool silently.
After I talked about my mom, he went mute like someone who cold water has been poured on.
I was leading the way due to the small door that led to the pool.
I missed my steps and fell inside the water.
I don’t swim because I fear. I always imagine myself getting drowned and maybe die and yet am still young.
I tried flapping the water but it was too much.
I closed my eyes as everything went blank.
Liam’s POV
I was lost in thoughts and didn’t see her fall inside the water. I removed my shoes and followed her in.
Seems she doesn’t know how to swim. I got hold of her before she drowned and took her out.
I laid her down but didn’t know what to do.
I have never done first aid before.
I even regret thinking about my mom.
That woman brings me nothing but pain.
If I had concentrated on her, this would never have happened.
‘Baby, just wake up please. I don’t know what to tell your aunt,’ I said holding her to myself.
I slowly rested her head back on the floor and started kissing her.
After a while she reciprocated and I smiled.
It worked, I don’t know what I can do if she wouldn’t wake up.
‘Don’t scare me again,’ I said after catching my breath.
‘Hey, you two need a room,’ someone said from behind and I moved from her and helped her sit up before checking who it was.
‘Aunt!’ Nic called shocked.
‘Hope I did interrupt anything,’ she said and I could say she was holding her laughter.
‘No you didn’t,’ Nic defended.
‘Dinner is served,’ she said and walked back in.
‘Let’s go,’ she said trying to stand.
‘Laureen must be worried,’ I said.
‘That excuse is lame, just give her a call,’ she said and stuck her tongue out.

Nicole’s POV
Imagine telling me that Laureen will be worried.
I ran inside and he followed me.
The food was sweet and after chatting with my aunt which am happy that got along, he left.
I went to my room and was about sleeping when my aunt cane in.
She’s the only one who doesn’t knock before coming in.
‘Congratulations,’ she said smiling.
‘For what?’
‘For getting a handsome and nice boyfriend. I’m sure of cute grandchildren,’ she said and I laughed.
‘Don’t let him go, if you do anything crazy then am no longer your aunt,’ she said.
‘Aunt, when do I expect a cousin?’ I asked put of the blue.
‘I’m too old to have a baby,’ she said simply.
‘You are only 39, not yet menopause. I would help you raise the kid and spoil him or her abit,’
‘Don’t change the topic, that boy is super hot,’ she said dreamingly.
‘Can’t I appreciate nature? Don’t mind his status, give him a chance he loves you,’
‘I know and I love him to,’
‘Don’t worry, love is built on trust, patience, understanding and overlook some of his flaws. Just love him for who he is. Make him who you want him to be. You can influence him to be good or bad,’ she said and I opened my mouth in shock.
‘So you are a love doctor?’ I asked and she laughed.
‘Think about what I have said, goodnight,’ she said and left.
I rested on my back and faced the ceiling.
I woke up early the next day and the day was long due to the preparations.
I drove to Liam’s house and handed the car to him.
He drove us to the venue.
Liam remained in the car as I went in with her.
She was really nervous, the same way I was on my first day.
They did her makeup and by the time they were done, I couldn’t recognize her.
I was there until they were done.
We were walking towards the door when my manager came in.
‘They are out,’ he said and I immediately knew what he was talking about.
The press.
‘Create way for us,’ I said.
‘Let me show you the backdoor,’ Kendra suggested, she’s the owner of the company
‘Tell Liam to take the car there,’ I said and my manager left.
We walked out and avoided the questions.

Nicole. Episode 15 And 16
Nicole. Episode 11 And 12

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