June 10, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 13

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The V Stripper.

Episode 13

^ Jennie ^

I had to make it look like kidnapping my sister is not much of a big deal but it is actually.

I just didn’t want him to leverage on my weakness. I do not want him to know how much love I have for my sister.

My sister is my only family. We have lost both dad and mom to a fire accident that happened at their place of work two years ago.

Ever since then , we had being struggling to really survive.

As much as being a flower isn’t much of a big deal in this part of the world , for a reason that I can not explain, I still treasure it.

How in the world can this man just take my flower and he wouldn’t send me the man we money agreed to be in exchage for it.

I knew better not to spoil his reputation , at least not yet.

That would tarnish my image too, folks would see me as prostitute trading her flower for thousands of dollars.

I had to do something real quick. I felt like sneaking into the man’s house and shooting him dead.

I waited for another two hours at home and it was now 4 hours left for the 24 hours to be attained.

I didn’t bother calling him again , I decided to save my sister in the middle of the night.

At night.

I was dressed in black from head to toe as I took a cab to Stone’s house.

I went to the backyard and climbed the fence over. I hid behind some flowers till around 12 at night.

Everywhere was quiet and it doesn’t look like anyone in that house was suspicious of anything.

I began to sneak into the rooms and breaking glasses. I heard a snore of someone at the rear room and I opened the door gently.

I saw my sister tied to the chair ,sitting and resting her head to on the chair.

She had slept in this horrible position. I felt really angry and felt like breaking the skull of the guy with her in the room.

I just hope the guy had not laid with her.

I took his hand gun from him and instead of him standing up in alert , he only changed his sleeping position.

I hit him by the edge of the gun and he sough and lost consciousness.

I woke my sister up and she almost scream out of fear.

“It’s me!” I said and hugged her gently. It took her few seconds to recover from the terrible experience she had being made to go through.

“Sister!” She called and I helped her loosened the rope tied against her.

She stood and hugged hugged tight while sobbing.

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