June 13, 2021

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Kisser Girl. Prologue

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Kisser Girl. Episode 1

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Title: Kisser Girl

Author: Feathers

Jennifer is a student at British high school who stays with her barren step mother and attends British high school

Robert is the cutest, richest and the most handsome guy in school, he is in a relationship with Linda who happens to be the hottest and richest girl in school.

The heart of Robert drifted to Jennifer on the day he sighted her at school, he start to fall in Love gradually with Jennifer.
Little did he know that Jennifer had being deeply crushing on him since the day she saw him

Robert summoned courage and broke up with Linda his girlfriend. He proclaimed his love to Jennifer not considering what Linda is capable of doing to the both of them

Sadly, Jennifer refused because she does not want Robert to die

Reason being that Jennifer is a cursed girl. Anytime she agrees to date a guy, she finds herself forcing them to kiss her, once she is being kissed by any of those guys that she is dating, they began to have anaemia( loss of blood) and die after few weeks

Will Jenifer be able to tell Robert that she is cursed?
Can Robert break the curse?
Will their relationship work out considering the fact Linda the ex girl friend of Robert has vowed never to make life easy for Jennifer because she assumed that Jennifer stole her boyfriend from her

Kisser Girl. Episode 1

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