August 3, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 15 And 16

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Laureen’s POV
Saying am happy is an understatement. We got out of the building and spotted Liam leaning on the car.
I let go of Nicole’s hand, ran to him and jumped into his arms.
I love my brother so much, he raised me up and the only family I had until Nicole joined. She just graduated to being part of my family.
He placed me down and Nicole was already there.
‘Thank you,’ I said with a smile as I hugged her.
‘It’s nothing, my manager will represent you until you are familiar with the industry. There is a party tonight, we’ll pass through the mall you get a dress,’ she said with a smile.
‘You will be attending the party?’ I asked.
‘Yeah,’ she said simply.
I know she will be going for me, the information on the internet says she doesn’t attend parties often.
I looked at Liam and she was stealing glances at her.
She’s looking hot, she always dresses casually.
‘Nicole!’ Mr Edward, her manager called her.
‘Give me a moment or if I take long you can go I will join you guys later,’ she said.
‘We’ll wait for you,’ I said.
‘Okay,’ she smiled and walked away.
‘Don’t drool too much,’ I said and Liam smirked.
‘How was everything in there?’ he asked.
‘People respect her and they treated me well, like one of them. My dream has finally come true,’ I said and giggled.
‘Your photos are already on the internet,’ he said calmly.
‘That’s good news,’
‘If mom sees you?’
‘The last time I checked, you were my mom, dad and bro. She doesn’t even know me and doesn’t exist in my life,’
‘Let’s get inside the car before those people see you,’ he said and opened the door.

Nicole’s POV
‘Is everything ready?’ I asked Edward.
‘The documents for the house needs her signature and it will be legal. I’m still working on the car,’ he said.
I’m handing over one of my houses and car to them but since Liam is so stubborn and won’t accept, am giving to Lauren through my manager.
‘Take it to her to sign,’ I said.
‘Okay,’ he said and walked towards the car.
‘I need you to sign this,’ he said to her.
‘What’s it for?’ she asked looking at me.
‘You have awarded a car and a house by the agency. This are the document for the house,’ he said and gave her the pen.
‘The house is officially yours, Nic will take you there,’
She remained with one and Edward left with one.
‘I’ll drive you two there,’ I said and Liam handed me the keys.
The drive was silent, I had a lot in my mind.
I need to plan on how the two lovebirds in the house to get married.
Laureen’s POV
All through the drive, I was going through my phone.
I was checking on people’s comments and believe me they are interesting.
The car came to halt in front of a very beautiful storey building.
I didn’t wait for her to park the car.
I ran round the house admiring the place.
It was so beautiful.
She got down, threw the key to me and I opened the house.
A ‘Wow’ escaped my mouth.
Words can’t describe how it was decorated.
Liam has been silent all through, I don’t know what the problem is.
He doesn’t talk much, unlike me who is the parrot but today he’s too silent.
‘Liam, are you okay?’ I asked as we both turned to face him.
‘Yeah an fine, just happy your dream has come true,’ he said simply.
‘Thank you,’ I said and smiled as an idea popped my mind.

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