July 30, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaore. Episode 56

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 56

^ Melissa ^

I walked back to my room. Since Susan’s father is having eye problem and he hardly recognizes people. I should be able to go back to his house again.

But…his guards will surely recognize me. I just need to let that man see that what he is not right and that no one forces love.

If I can convince Jason’s dad, if I can bring Jason mom to my side , then I should be able to convince Melissa’s father.

I sighed and kept meditating on what to do.


I’ve gone through so much hummuliations in the hand of Melissa and…it’s just getting out of hand

I do not know whom her parents are , how rich they are nor how powerful they are.

And that’s why I have being careful on how to react to her.

I wish she were a poor nonenity , I would have showed her how much power my parents got.

Nevertheless , I still need to work hard on finding whom she is first before I know how to handle her.

No one born of a woman had ever had the gut to slap me. Never!

I picked up my call and put a call across to my friend.

He picked it.

“Hello Suzan.”

“Hi, how are you doing?”

“Pretty fine. You?”

“Cool, I need to see you.”

“You know I’m always busy. Just tell me right away.”

“Fine ,I’ve got a thorn in my flesh. I need you to find out everything about her. Most importantly her status and her background.”

“That sounds like an order , though.”


“Yeah , I always tell you to learn the use of words like ‘please , sorry and stuffs alike. It makes you polite in all ways.”

“Fine, do it for me, please.”

“Fine. Just send me her picture , I will get back to you tomorrow…by this time probably.”

“Thanks.” I appreciated him and hung up.

Following day.

My phone rang and on checking who called , it was Sam. He was the one that had promised to get back to me today.

“Hi , Sam. Good afternoon.”

“I’m cool. I’ve sent all I’ve found out about her to your mail. Are you. Erm… Kinda free today?”

“Thanks Sam. Free? “

“Yeah , I was thinking if we can have lunch together.”

“Oh no! Sam. Kind of busy…so sorry about that.”

“Fine. ” he hung up.

I went to my laptop , boot it and opened my mail anxiously

I read through what San had sent me.

My days! So her mother and sister lives at this wretched house.

I laughed.

So a wretched daughter slapped me?

I can’t believe this.

I messaged Sam immediately saying; ” I need you to kidnap Melissa’s mother and sister before seven hours, please.”

His reply came about a minute later.

“Alright.” I smiled on reading it.

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