June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 146

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He And Her V.

Episode 146

^ Tucker ^

Just like I had guessed, I found out that a car was tracking me. I was intentionally driving to different directions just to confirm and after I had confirmed, I decided to start dealing with Grace.

I’m a man. Just because I’m trying to be good does not necessarily mean that I did not know what to do.

I drove intentionally to a deserted place and parked beside a tree.

I watched through the font mirror of the car as the car tracking me parked by a road side.

I opened my drawer in the car and picked my license gun that I had acquired for defense.

I tucked it in my back pocket and went towards the car. The man immediately looked away in a bit to make it look like he was never following me.

Since he did not know that I’m coming to teach him the greatest lesson of his life , it should be very easy for me to get him unguarded.

As soon as I arrived beside the car , I peeped my head towards the opened glass and brought my gun out.

Before he could face me to ask whatever , I shot him in his stomach and he groaned in pain.

“Sorry about that.” I said gently as he cries. He was fast loosing breath.

I didn’t want to kill but I know that leaving him this way might implicate me.

If he probably gets treated , he would confess and accuse me of being the one that shoot him.

And on what basis would I defend myself with for making me shoot him?

I ran to my car and placed gloves in my hand. I ran back to the car and pulled him out of the car.

I put glove in my hand because: when the cops arrive , they would examine the fingerprint on him and around the car and I might be found that way

The only way to keep my finger print hidden is to place gloves on my hand.

I hit the guy with the edge of my gun at the back of his head. I did that so he can loose his memory.

I jugged back to my car while looking left and right to confirm that no one was looking at me.

I hopped inside my car and drove away.

I had decided to visit Camilla at the hotel that she was.

Camilla’s POV.

I was sound asleep but got awoken as a result of a consistent knock at my door.

I don’t want to be pessimistic to think that Grace had probably find out where I hid again.

I might not be able to defend myself this time.

I called the hotline of the hotel immediately to inform them that a suspicious stranger is at my door and they had promised to attend to it.

I sat on my bed fearfully and hoping that they attend to whoever is at the door before everything goes out of hand.

Tucker’s POV.

After I had noticed movement by her inside, I stopped knocking and waited for her to come and attend to me.

To my surprise, I saw two security men with a cop coming towards me.

“Who are you please?” The cop amidst them asked and that was really an insult by my side.

“Don’t ask me stupid question. I came here to meet my wife!”

“Your wife that did not know that you are coming, right?” The cop asked.

“And what is this blood doing by your cloth?” He touched the lower part of my shirt and I saw a blood stain there.

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