July 28, 2021

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He Is With Me. Episode 1

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He Is With Me. Episode 2

He is with me

Story by Feathers


Episode 1

( Let us kiss ) ????

Carol’s POV

Today is my birthday. I’d informed all my colleagues in school to attend and they all showed up in my house

My mum and dad are present too. Everywhere was well organized but George was absent

I’m so happy that it’s my birthday but I’m extremely sad that for not seeing George . It’s never as if we are dating or something close. In fact , we hardly speak in school cus he is a cute introvert . But I’d always love him from afar

Some times he walk pass me and I’ll feel like calling his name but fear and shyness has never allowed me to do that

I’m Carol and I love playing chess and singing.

I arched my brow suddenly as I saw two people coming towards where we all sat for my birthday

Omg! It’s George and his father

I stood without knowing and sat when I realize that people were curious on why I suddenly stood

It’s George and his father. His father was smiling but he looks sad.

My dad noticed his dad and went to greet him. That was when I know that my dad has always known his dad but why is he not smiling ?

Have never seen him smiling anyways , but he should at least laugh on my birthday

“I had to force him here” I heard George’s dad say and my dad patted George on his shoulder

“Common, cheer up boy, it’s your friend’s birthday ” I heard my dad say but he maintained his sad face

He walked away from were he stood together with my dad and his dad and went to sit at the last set of sits at the back

One of my seniors in school who liked me so much, his name is Kevin. He is the one coordinating the programme while we all sat and watch except he calls us out for an activity

“Friends, it’s time to cut the cake. This is the most beautiful moment anyone can ever imagine ” Kevin said and many students clapped except George who was bowing his head and busy with his phone

“Come here dear ” Kevin called and I stood from the adorable sit I sat and went to meet him

He gestured for me to hold the knife and stay behind the cake and I did

I’m nervous

“Carol, before friends and family join you to cut this cake , choose just one person you have always desire , and let him join you to cut the first slice” Kevin said and everyone chucked and giggled

Happiness filled the air but fear filled my heart cus of what I’m about to do

I decide to call George but I’m scared that he may embarrass me publicly, what if I challenge him ?
He wouldn’t want to behave rudely , after all, his father is here

I hope he obliges

“Carol, choose , we do not have much time by our side ” Kevin said and I sighed

“George” I called softly

“Speak louder so he or she can hear his or her name?” Kevin requested

“George” I spoke louder and everyone turned to where George sat

My heart was beating faster than a running machine

I hope he stands up and honour me. I know he is a cute and an handsome introvert but he should just honour me with this today

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He Is With Me. Episode 2

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