July 27, 2021

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He Is With Me. Episode 2

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He is With me

Story by Feathers


Episode 2

(Let us kiss) ????

Clara’s POV

I watched George as he stood and walked out of the show

“George, George” His father called but he refused

I watched as his father ran after him.

My eyes became teary but I held myself from crying, a lot of people set their eye on me feeling pathetic for me with how George just behaved to me

I sat down but I can no longer stand the embarrassment. I ran inside the house and into my room.

I buried my head in my palms and cried so hard

I shouldn’t have called him , I made a terrible mistake by calling him but he should have at least honour me by coming to meet me in the front

George’s POV

I watched as my father scolded me . I had already embarrassed the girl, the scold he is giving me will not change anything

“I wanna start going home” I said

“Oh! Is that what you gonna say? After you have embarrassed me before my friends” He said and I sighed and looked away

“Dad please, I wanna go home” I said obstinately again

“You are making me angry with that statement , In fact, you are not going home again” My dad said and I giggled

“Dad , what do you mean?” I asked while giggling at him

“George, are you tryna mock me with your laugh or what? I’m your father and you must obey whatever I say. Now, go inside and apologize to Carol” He said

I giggled and smirked as I watched my dad to see if he is joking or not

“Dad, you should know I can’t beg that ugly and clumsy girl” I said and giggled again

“George, you choose one, You will be living with them if you can not apologize or you apologize to her and her parents and let’s continue the party” my dad said

“Dad, I can’t choose any of the options you listed , I’m sorry” I said

“You will have to” He said and forcefully dragged my hand inside the house

“I’m leaving this house now without you, don’t bother coming home cus I’m not going home right now , I’m going to sleep in another place . The house will be locked and you will be force to sleep in the street, so Mr. Man, since you are obstinate, I should prove to you that I’m more obstinate ” My dad said and walked away

“Dad, are you really leaving me behind?” I asked but he ignored.

I watched as he walked out . I stared around the house hoping that my dad would show up but he didn’t even after an hour

I’m stranded inside then I noticed some people entered . I raised my bowed head and realized that the two people that entered are Carol’s parent

They greeted me briefly and went inside their room. It’s obvious they didn’t like what I did to their daughter but it’s their daughter’s fault , She shouldn’t have called me out

I just dislike that particular girl, she laughs too much. Any single thing , she must laugh.

I don’t talk with her but I notice her in school cus she participates in a lot of activities.

I stood after being very weary of sitting and walked helter scatter the house hoping that I would see a room to sleep since my father has left me behind and her parents are not cool with me

I saw Carol leaning on the door of a room I assume to be hers

I wanted to ignore her but I realize that she is the only one that can show me where to sleep this night

“Hey, show me where to sleep” I said and she looked at me pathetically but I looked away

She led me to a room and I entered , I sat on the bed and waited for her to leave but she didn’t

“George, I was really hurt by your words , I like you that was I called you out” She said pitifully

“Oh! You should know I dislike you young girl and I’m leaving this your f*cken house tomorrow. Get out ” I said and she arched her brow

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