August 2, 2021

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He Is With Me. Episode 3

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He is With me

Story by Feathers


Episode 3

(Let us kiss) ????

Clara’s POV

I walked out of his presence pathetically and painfully. I was sad and hurt to the core.

He has never even liked me, but why do I have to keep crushing on him.

“I walked inside my room, lay on my bed and slept off after thinking of the public embarrassment George caused me today. It hurts me so much that I couldn’t even wait till the end of my birthday party

I woke up the following day and sluggishly went to the bathroom to take my bath, I do not know what my class mates will be saying after they left the party yesterday. I do not know the rumour that would have spread in school about how George embarrassed me on my birthday

I dressed and walked to the living room, I saw George dressed in uniform too. I’m happy that we gonna be going to the school together at least. That should make many people believe we had settled the issues that happened yesterday

” Good morning ” I greeted softly but he ignored. He didn’t bother looking at me neither did he change his sitting posture

“My dad caused all this , he sent this f*cken uniform for me to wear this morning to school, if not, why should I be staying in the same house with someone like you* He said and examined me like a shit from head to toe

I run a slow look at myself to see if there is something irritating about me . I dressed well but why didn’t he find me attractive ?

He stood up and walked outside himself

I walked outside too and entered my car. My driver was inside waiting to drive me to school already .

The driver drove slowly out of the house and we saw George looking for a cab to chatter

” Isn’t that your friend?” The driver asked

“Yea, he is. He is kinda pissed off at me” I said

“We should carry him along to school . Hey man” The driver called and George turned to the car

“Come inside , let me take you to school” The man said and he checked his wrist watch. He entered the car and sat at the same back sit I sat

The driver was playing Bed of lies by Nicki Minaj .

“Can you change the song man” George said to the driver

“I will, but firstly, call me Parham , secondly, what song to you want me to change it too?” The driver asked

“Oh Parham. Change it too… Erm… I don’t know …okay …change it too Ariana Garande title Seven rings ” George said

“I did not have it here boy” The driver replied

“Hey, don’t call me boy, call me George or at best, you call me captain George” George replied and the driver giggled as he drives

“What’s funny man” George said but the driver stopped replying him

“Can’t you hear me man or Parham or whatever you bear, I asked what’s funny?” George asked but the driver ignored and keep driving

“Quiet rude of you, my father caused all this” George said while I keep mute and bow my head slightly

We finally arrived at the school and we all stepped out

George walked before me while I walk behind

The driver called me and I went meet him. He handed the pen that George forgot in the car to me

I thanked him and ran anxiously to meet George in class since we are in the same class

“George , your pen” I showed it to him and he searched himself to confirm

He left me standing and went to the front of the class

“As the captain of this class, I’m sorry to announce to you that we’ve got prostitute here in this class, someone who crush on cute guys like us , guys, guess who?” He asked the whole class

“Who?” Everyone echoed cus they all respected him and whatever he says as the class captain of the class

“That girl holding my precious pen over there, Carol” He said and the class turned at me and mocked me

I bowed my head painfully but I noticed a guy stood up, I raised my head wondering why the guy had stood up

He walked towards George and gave him a resounding slap


” ladies are to be respected not to be treated like shits” The cute guy said

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