July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 15

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 15


The beating persists and at a point , I couldn’t withstand it again. How can this wicked even beat a woman as old as his mother?

I angrily freed myself from the tough rope. I never thought I would be able to do that but I was.

I knew that moment that I must have got some special energies.

I stood angrily and ran to prince Dae So but his guards who had seeing me free myself surrounded him to guard him.

I start to fight with all of them and in five minutes , as much as they were on the field. I defeated them all.

Now left with prince Dae so. Those that were beating my mom had stopped and are now staring at me like a god.

Prince Dae So was shocked but he quickly fade off his emotions and clapped for me.

“Awesome.” He said and I threw a punch to his nose to which he was quck to guide.

“You bastard.” He cursed and threw a blow to me.

I guided it easily and sent him a knee kick by his stomach. He groaned but I wouldn’t stop there.

I beat him mercilessly, with all rage that was burning in me. I beat him till he start to bleed and lay weak on the floor like someone that would die.

I wasn’t satisfied still , I went to find the same cane he was using on my parents and began to flog him with it.

I was happy that I was floggimg him and just them , I saw hundreds or probably thousands of soldiers running from afar towards me.

I went to my mom and sister. I grabbed them and we both ran as fast as we could.

“Mom , we need to escape this people.” I said while running with them

“I trust you, my daughter.” She said and I’m happy that I regained the favor of my mom once more.

I turned at my sister and she smiled sullenly. “I tust you sister.” She said and we all ran the more.

Korean Bad Prince. Episode 16
Korean Bad Prince. Episode 14

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