July 28, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 75

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Never Knew She Beautiful

Episode 75

^ Rachael^

“I’m all ears , sir.” I told him.

The Boss Flashback

My mom barged inside angrily and I sighed. I looked to the face of Molly and lowered my head sadly.

When in the world would mom ever like Molly.

“I think I should leave.” Molly said and I held her hand as we both walked inside.

“I’m so sorry for the way mom is acting towards you. Please….don’t be annoyed. “

“No, it’s fine.” She replied pathetically.

Molly is my best friend and I loved her so much. Because of her , I do not see any reason to even have a girlfriend.

I lover her so much and she loves me too. She didn’t have a boyfriend too and we are both cool but mom loathes her.

From the very first day that she came to my house, my mom detest her.

She just doesn’t like to see her with me , I wonder why?

This lady is just like any other lady ,she’s cool and humble and had never had any issues with mom.

I had tried to think it through many times in a bit to find out what what particularly could make mom loathe her so much but I have not being successful in finding a suitable answer.

She let her self loose of my grip and walked away. I walked inside to mom and I saw her sitting in her room.

“Mom!” I called.

“Why are you calling me? I’ve told you times without number that I did not want to see you with that lady anymore. “She blurted out.

“I’ve asked you times without number: what reason could be behind you not liking her? Molly is my best friend and I love her so much. Though not as a girlfriend or something but we are cool. She makes me happy and she’s just all I need. Why are you against her?”

“If you ever want to find my favor, stay away from that lady “

“Mom , please.” I pleaded and she yelled on me

“Get out of my sight “

I staggered back and turned away from her. I went to my room sad.

Days began to pass and all I do is to just call molly.

I had just finished in the university and I’m waiting for dad to hand over his business to me.

He had ordered my brother and I never to look for a job after we are done with the university so I’m just here waiting for him.

Home is boring and I really wish Molly could come here freely to have fun with me.

I can’t go freely to her place either because I’m a shy type. Her parents may be cool with me but I am still feel shy.

I think I should plan on meeting her in a restaurant or something.

I can’t wait for dad to hand over his business to me cause that is when I will really be independent.

Two weeks after.

About three days ago , I have not being able to reach Molly.

I was happy that dad is finally coming home in two days time, obviously to hand over a part of his business to me as he has promised.

I received a call and on checking the id of the caller , it was Molly.

I picked it enthusiastically but the voice I heard wasn’t hers.

“Hello, Erm…Am I on with the boss?” The voice said.

My nickname has always being ‘the boss’ from the days of high school.

“Sure…where is Molly?” I asked anxiously.

“Molly is not fine. She’s at the hospital. I’m her mom.”

“My days!” I yelled. “Which hospital ma?” I shouted again and I heard a step by my door but ignored.

“Calvary hospital. She needs blood very urgent and she told us your kind of blood could really work on her. You are O positive right?”

‘Yes , I am, ma. I’m coming right away.”

“Thanks , my dear.” Her mom said and I hung up.

I hurriedly began to dress. I walked to the entrance of my room and the door gave way slightly by itself.

I saw my mom standing and smirking wickedly.

“Mom ,Molly is sick , I need to help her…she needs my blood and its urgent.” I said and tried to excuse her but she pushed me back inside the room.

“What is that for , mom?” I asked and checked my wrist watch.

“You are not going anywhere. ” she said and closed the door. She locked it up from the inside.

I began to hit the door angrily and tried all my best to break it open but I can’t.

Molly’s mom kept calling me but I didn’t even know what to say if I picked it.

I justy let it rang.

I lay on the floor sadly hoping that another savior will help Molly with the blood.

About four hours later , my phone buzzed shortly notifying me that a message has entered.

I stood and went to the phone sluggishly. On opening the message, it reads;

We lost Molly.

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