August 3, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 17 And 18

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Megan’s POV
I got out of the bathroom as my phone rang.
I wonder what my manager wants to tell me now.
????Where are you?
He asked immediately I picked.
????In the house.
????Have you checked the celebrity news gist?
????Not yet.
????Check it out and call me.
He said and hanged up.
I sat on the bed and checked my phone.
#New face on our screen
I could recognize Nicole but the other girl no.
She is also pretty and may be a threat to my career.
‘She’s pretty’
‘I heard they are friends’
‘Nicole is such a darling, she brought her friend on the screen’
‘I wish the girl all the best’
There were a lot more comments.
This can’t be happening.
I can’t sit and watch someone take my place.
I called my manager.
????Who is she?
I asked.
????Her name is Laureen, she’s Nicole’s friend.
That’s all I know for now.
It seems she will trend really first.
Nicole is known by many companies and has a lot of fans.
If she’s supported by her then, you know the meaning of that.
He said as my hatred for Nicole grew.
????Just get rid of her.
????I can’t, you have enough scandals and many people are watching your back, one wrong move and you are done.
????Then what am I to do?
????Be friends with the new girl and if need be help her rise.
????I can’t do that?
I yelled.
????That’s the only option, it will help cover up for all you have done.
He said and hanged up.
‘I hate all of you,’ I screamed and threw the phone on the wall.
Nicole is the face of seven companies and she may be planning on stepping down from one for her.
Kendra will accept to have her as the face of her company.
That has always been my dream.
I picked a black trouser and white tank top, tied my hair in ponytail and left the house.
I need to calm down.
I drove to the club to have a drink, I know it’s early but I need one.

Ian’s POV
After following their car I stopped at a distance and watched them.
I wish k knew who that guy is to her and that girl.
I stood there for a while and the girl drove out.
She passed where I was and I pretended to be on my phone.
I got into my car and followed her making sure she doesn’t suspect someone is following her.
She drove to Nicole’s house and her aunt hugged her.
I think there is something going on.
Maybe they are related, but the little info I have about Nicole is she doesn’t have relatives here except her aunt and uncle.
Or maybe they came to visit.
I’m just confused.
I wanted to drive away when I spotted Megan’s car driving towards mine.
‘Hey, watch where you are going,’ I screamed as she hold an emergency break.
She got down and you could tell she was drank.
What kind of human being is this?
‘You have a real threat and the best thing you could think of was to get drank?’ I asked pissed off.
‘Just give me a break. Who are you to lecture me around? You aren’t my father, brother nor fianc√©, get that into your skull,’ she said and staggered towards her car.
There was a horn behind us, that’s when I realised Megan had blocked the way.
‘Who are you to make noise with your cheap car,’ Megan shouted and the girl came out.
She had this charming smile that I can’t explain.
‘I’m in a hurry can I pass?’ she asked calmly.
‘I’ll stay here until I feel like leaving,’ Megan said.
‘I always heard you are a jerk but never knew it’s true. Did you construct the road to do what you feel like?’ the girl asked and you could sense she was already irritated.
Megan gave her a devilish grin.
‘You think you will just wake up and turn into a star? I’m the queen and I dictate what happens and I won’t settle until you get destroyed,’ Megan said.
The girl walked to where she was and clapped her hands.
‘Congratulations miss Megan, let’s watch and see who destroys the other,’ she said and showed us her phone.
They were the same words Megan had said.
She put back the phone in her pocked and slowly drove past us.

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