July 26, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 14

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The V Stripper

Episode 14


I heard a heavy sound by my door and I woke suddenly from my deep sleep. I saw someone dressed in black standing and stretching gun towards me.

The person switched on the light and I saw that it was Jennie.

“Jennie!” I called.

“I came for my money. And don’t try anything silly , though.”

‘Oh! ” I surrendered and raised my two hands.

I walked to where the money is and handed it over to her.

She placed the money on the locker that was in my room and placed her gun down.

She brought the money out and began to count it.

I had watched that she had being carried away with the counting of the money ,so I hurriedly went under my pillow and took my gun.

Before she could turn to see what I was up to , I shot her by her leg. I shot her again when I noticed she was trying to cock her gun.

I smiled as I saw her groaning on the floor.

“You… Are….. A wicked….man.” She said in pain.

I do not even know what wickedness is. I just do whatever I feel like

I ran outside to get her sister but I didn’t see her around. I searched all I could but I still couldn’t find her sister.

I was so frustrated.

I went back to my room and carried Jennie to a well secured room , I locked her in there happily.

I would never make her see the light of the day again.

From this day henceforth , I will make her my puppet , I will make love with her whener I wish too ,I will make her my wife whenever I’m ready.

I laughed

I walked to my laboratory and get some injection .i went to her room to inject her.

They are injections that would make her weak for aanother one week.

Even if she thinks of a way to escape , she will never be able escape envisiaging how weak she will be


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