July 24, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 147

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He and Her V.

Episode 147.

^Camilla’s POV^

I began to hear exchange of conversations at my door and I knew that the security of the hotel must have caught whoever it is.

I summoned enough courage to open the door and I was stuned to see Tucker standing. He was facing a cop and two hotel security men.

“Camilla.” Tucker called as he turned to me.

My mouth dropped for a while and I was so happy to really have him around.

“They don’t want to believe that we are couples.” He said.

“He’s my husband.” I said to the cop and he exchanged glances with the security men.

They walked away.

Tucker sighed with his eyes closed and held my by my wrist as we walked inside.

“I was almost getting arrested when you came.”

“Arrested! For what?”

“See this.” He shew me a part of his cloth that had blood stain.

“Where did you get this?”

“Grace ordered one of his men to track me and this time, I brutalized the man in a deserted place.”

“Good. !” I shouted happily. “You did well , Tucker. We need to let that woman know that we’ve got some strengths too.”

“Oh! Yeah. But the cop almost catch me.”

“Thank goodness you were never caught. Hope you didn’t touch the man cause of fingerprint issues?”

“Sure , the attack was clean.”

I nodded victoriously.

“I was thinking while coming ; I need to find all the arms of Grace and bring them down.”

“You mean all those working for Grace?”

“Sure. Even before we start to talk about court issues. I should bring all his men down first. Then we can…”

I interrupted all of a sudden. “I’ve got a better idea baby.”

“Tell me?”

“What if we simply make her loose her memory, we can sue her to court easily and win the case. No blood shed or something close.”

“If she looses her memory , her arms will help her in recollecting her memory. They might even narrate her past to her. Even her daughter could. “


“Yeah , but the idea is a brilliant one. What we can do is to bring all her arms down , then make her loose her memory and charge her to court immediately. With that…we will be back together in no time. “

“Fine , then. But you know those men working for her are brutal assasins. Please be careful.”

“I will sweetheart.” He replied and brought his lips close to mine.

We began to kiss, so passionately until we start to pull off our clothes.

We were soon uncovered and start to make a very flavorful love.

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