August 4, 2021

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He Is With Me. Episode 4

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He is With me

Story by Feathers


Episode 4

(Let us kiss) ????

George’s POV

I held my check that I assumed had become pale as a result of the slap and turned my face at the guy angrily

“You slapped me?” I asked

“It’s obvious, stop asking me dumb question” The guy said and I giggled

“Quiet bold of you.” I said and signaled for three of the most built guys to carry the rude boy to the back of the class

They obliged .
I commanded them to beat the hell out of the guy and they did

He was rolling on the floor , his uniform had being rough and dirty , blood can be seen pouring from his nose

I squatted before him and looked into his face

“How can you be in this class and not know Captain George ? Have you gone out of your mind?” I asked and he closed his eyes

I patted his check and raised my head up to see the guys that helped me beat the rude boy and we all laughed wickedly

“What’s your name boy ?” I asked but he refused to answer

“I think he’s stubborn” One of the boys said and I smirked

“He is stubborn but he can not fight. He wants to defend a lady but he can not fight” I said and stood up and turned to the class , they were all turned to us and watching us dealing with the guy

“Who knows his name?” I asked

“His name is Gary ” One of the student replied and I looked at Gary as he lay helplessly on the floor

“Good for you Garry, don’t ever dare me again” I said and walk back to the front of the class

“As I was saying, the prostitute I was referring to also stole my pen and thought she can seduce me with that, can we all throw some shits at her ” I said and everyone stood and started throwing all sort of things at her

Gary stood up from where he is and guided Carol from the objects being thrown to her. He held Carol out of the class and the class keep throwing objects and making sounds of ridicule to them


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