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Kisser Girl. Episode 11

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Kisser Girl


Author: Feathers
Episode 11


Theme: Mercy prevails over judgement

Peace and Sarah sat side by side at the computer room waiting for the JET Club managers to come around and attend to all members

Sarah kept stealing glances at peace, she knows she has to be friend with Peace for her to be able to successfully lure him to a pool or a river

“Hi, my name is Sarah” Sarah said

“What! Why are you introducing yourself, did you think I forgot who you are, you casted a spell on Robert and John, I came to help them, you casted another spell that sent us into a far place, thanks to love that came to save us , so what is the formal introduction all for?” Peace asked

“I’m a changed Sarah, I ain’t the evil Sarah, trust me, the only constant thing in life is change, anyone can change, please forgive me and let’s be friend, after all, we are partners in this club, we gonna be working together” Sarah said

“I ain’t having any grudges with you though, I’m Peace, hope you are fine?” Peace asked

“Sure, thanks for forgiven me” Sarah said

“But tell me, how did you get to know all those spells? Who taught you or you kinda learnt it somewhere?” Peace asked

“I stumbled across my father’s secrete library, I took some scrolls and read, that was how I got to know many of those spells ” Sarah lied

“Oh! I wish I can believe what you just said, but you lied actually” Peace said

Sarah remembered that one of the strength of Peace is to read minds , she didn’t bother arguing with Peace

“Yes I lied, I do not like talking about it” Sarah said and quickly try to form a teary eyes to make it look like she was forced into knowing the spells

“Oh sorry, If you did not want to talk about it, it’s alright” Peace said

Sarah loved how Peace petted her, she intentionally cried the more as if it was a regretful experience.
She concentrated her mind on pains so that even if Peace reads her mind, all he would see his pain

Peace wrapped his hand around Sarah’s shoulder

“Stop crying dear, just cheer up” Peace said

“Thanks” Sarah said

“Why are this people wasting our time now, they should have being here since ” Peace muttered audible enough for Sarah to hear

Someone mounted the podium

“Hi ladies and gentlemen, we have some technical problems, let’s meet on a day after tomorrow , same time , same place, sorry for any inconveniences” the person said and stepped down the podium

Many students rumoured and started dispersing

“Aren’t they suppose to put everything in plan before telling us to gather here , and it’s even the first time for crying out loud” Peace said

“Exactly, Peace , won’t you mind following me to the school’s last pool behind the conference hall” Sarah requested

“Why describing the place for me, I have surveyed all parts of this school in an instant , why that very pool cus it’s always scanty , I’m pretty sure that we won’t find anyone there right now and the pool is deep too” Peace said

“What’s that? Just tell me you are scared to go and I will start going, I want to swim and I do not want to be the only one and now you are talking of how deep the pool is for me ” Sarah said

Peace is truly scared , he is aquaphobia; meaning fear of water ,river or pools, but he wouldn’t admit his weakness before a lady

“Fear! My friends are still gonna be in their various halls right now, cool! i’m gonna follow you to see how good you are in swimming” Peace said

Sarah smiled and they both went to the last pool of the school, the pool is very wide and deep, it’s actually meant for professional swimmers

They got to the pool and Sarah went to a nearby hut to change her wears into a swimming trunk

She came out with all her feminine figures well exposed and shaped.

She dive into the pool while Peace sat at the spectators sit

She gestured for Peace to come closer after she has swum for few minutes. Peace obliged and stood by the pool bank

“Sit down on this step” Sarah said

The steps that leads to the pool if one did not want to dive in

Peace was damn afraid but he wouldn’t show his fear, he sat on the step and sighed deeply

The river kept calling unto him , he felt like jumping inside the river , but he has to control himself, he thought he is the only one that knows that his secrete is pool or river, he never knew that Sarah knows too

“Should I teach you how to swim?” Sarah asked

“No! I just do not like it” Peace said , the more he stares at the pool , the more the pool kept calling unto him to enter

He knows that if he enters the pool, he will become weak, he will loose all his energiee and it will take him a lot before he can recover

Sarah climbed the stairs up and stood in front of peace, he held Peace’s hand and Peace was more scared

She intentional lost her stamina and fell back while Peace held her hand

She closed her eye and was forcing herself to fall back into the river, but the plan isn’t really to fall into the river but to drag Peace’s into the river, after all, she was holding peace

Peace tried to hold her so she won’t fall

“Sarah, what happened , Don’t fall, I can’t swim Inside that river to get you please” Peace pleaded

Sarah casted a gentle spell and she became heavier, not only that, her hand got magnetized to Peace hand making her heavy weight pull Peace from the stairs and they both fell into the river

Peace got into the river and his hand got loosened from that of Sarah

Sarah swam inside the river smiling and happy that she successfully took Peace down

Peace didn’t know how to swim, he was struggling for breath, his flash-like ability was fast loosening on him, his ability to read mind was poring out of his mouth like vapour

“King of light, I know I failed , forgive me as I leave this human world” Peace said and closed his eye , he loosed consciousness and water start entering all part of his body

Sarah swam outside and casted a spell on Peace to come out , Peace floated unconscious on the pool and drew closer at Sarah

Sarah pulled him out

Sarah smirked happily

“Kufir niknu aijat
Tofas beblo belius
Hun his hudi frui
Dioen rain rain sain” Sarah squatted beside Peace, she placed her hand on Peace’s belly and casted the spell

Sarah and Peace both disappeared , they appeared at Sarah’s house

Sarah lay Peace on a flat table inside a magical room, she can’t believe she is taking down an elder easily , she is ready to sacrifice his soul of Peace to the kingdom of powers

“Oh ye kingdom of Powers
Your energy precedes human mind
You helped me destroy Peace
I bring his soul to you today as a sacrifice
Accept it ” Sarah said and and a wind appeared in front of in a human humanlike strycture

“Cros nin oif
Oif das das
Das run un
Aiin aiin aiin”
Sarah casted a spell on Peace’s Soul

The women of the kingdom of Power appeared with all their strength ready to accept the soul of Peace

The king of Light knows and saw clearly that Peace , one of the elder he sent to the human world has failed, his weakness has being leveraged on by the enemies

This does not please the king of light, this is how he gave Samson power as well and he fell at the lap of Delilah, now Peace has fallen at the feet of Sarah now

The king of light saw from the white territory that he sat in all his majesty , he saw the women of the kingdom of powers appeared at where Peace lay ready to devour his soul

But the King of Light had mercy, after all, Mercy prevails over judgement.

The King of Light appeared inside where Peace lay in his majesty, all the women of powers saw his majesty , the king of light appeared in all his glory

The women of powers and Sarah bowed their head to the floor in fear and honour of the king of Light

The king of Light carried Peace and took him to his territory to fortify him again with his powers

I pray for anyone reading this story, just when the enemy thinks he has taken over you or your Loved ones, God will appear and have mercy

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